An exhibit in Pittsburgh's Toonseum called "Wonder Women, On and Off the Page" will explor

An exhibit in Pittsburgh's Toonseum called "Wonder Women, On and Off the Page" will explore the history of female comic artists and include drawings from Nell Brinkley circa 1907. It will run until March 30, so you have plenty of time to drop what you're doing and take a road trip to Western Pennsylvania. »2/16/14 3:15pm2/16/14 3:15pm


Warner Bros. CEO Mentions Vague Possibility of Wonder Woman Movie

Before you get your hopes up, there isn’t a whole lot to Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara’s recent statement that the studio stable that houses all the DC superheroes needs to hurry up and make a Wonder Woman movie. In a lot of ways, Tsujihara’s insistence that a Wonder Woman project could turn into a major studio… »10/06/13 1:30pm10/06/13 1:30pm

Marvel Really, Really Wants to Make a Female Superhero Movie...Someday

In a recent conversation with the movie site, Marvel Studios producer/sometime director Louis D’Esposito said some encouraging stuff about the future of female superheroes getting movies of their very own: Marvel would totally like that to happen because the studio has heard the cacophonous internet… »9/06/13 11:10am9/06/13 11:10am

A Blast From The Past Brings A Glimmer Of Hope For The Future

Hey, remember Danica McKellar? She was Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years. She graduated summa cum laude from UCLA and coauthored a scientific paper about a theorem in mathematical physics. And now she's written a book, called Math Doesn't Suck. The 32-year-old hopes to show that "being good at math is cool." "When… »7/30/07 3:50pm7/30/07 3:50pm