Liz Smith Published Her Nora Ephron Obit Before Nora Ephron Was Dead

News of Nora Ephron's death late last night, of complications arising from leukemia, came to be public in a most curious way. The story was broken Tuesday afternoon by the gossip writer Liz Smith on the Web site wowOwow. Smith, a longtime friend of Ephron, hadn't gotten the family's permission to write about her… »6/27/12 4:40pm6/27/12 4:40pm

Lindsay Lohan On Cover Of September 'Elle': Way More Than 'Adequite'

The folks over at Women's Wear Daily are worried about Elle. The paper's media-gossip column 'Memo Pad' is concerned about what Lindsay Lohan's latest DUI arrest means for the Hachette fashion magazine, which is featuring the actress on the cover of its advertiser-heavy, September fashion extravaganza for the 2nd year… »7/26/07 11:00am7/26/07 11:00am

Mary J. Blige Continues Milking Her Marriage For Attention, Gives Herself Family-Friendly New Look

Did you hear? Mary J. Blige's marriage to record producer Kendu Isaacs saved her from a legacy of rage, resentment, and self-destruction. Of course, that's the softer, gentler, feature-friendly image that onetime wild-child Mary J. has been pushing (and pushing!) in interviews and acceptance speeches over the past few… »4/13/07 2:35pm4/13/07 2:35pm