Liz Smith Published Her Nora Ephron Obit Before Nora Ephron Was Dead

News of Nora Ephron's death late last night, of complications arising from leukemia, came to be public in a most curious way. The story was broken Tuesday afternoon by the gossip writer Liz Smith on the Web site wowOwow. Smith, a longtime friend of Ephron, hadn't gotten the family's permission to write about her… » 6/27/12 4:40pm 6/27/12 4:40pm

Fashion Mags: Big Girls Gain, Tween Titles Flounder

Thanks in part to the mostly useless advertorial Conde Nast supplement Fashion Rocks, Vogue regains its spot as head bitch in charge of all lady mags: Anna Wintour's brainchild had the most pages this year, with 3,222, barely edging out #2, In Style, which had 3,197 pages, says Women's Wear Daily.. The other fashion… » 11/16/07 2:30pm 11/16/07 2:30pm

Lindsay Lohan On Cover Of September 'Elle': Way More Than 'Adequite'

The folks over at Women's Wear Daily are worried about Elle. The paper's media-gossip column 'Memo Pad' is concerned about what Lindsay Lohan's latest DUI arrest means for the Hachette fashion magazine, which is featuring the actress on the cover of its advertiser-heavy, September fashion extravaganza for the 2nd year… » 7/26/07 11:00am 7/26/07 11:00am

Mary J. Blige Continues Milking Her Marriage For Attention, Gives Herself Family-Friendly New Look

Did you hear? Mary J. Blige's marriage to record producer Kendu Isaacs saved her from a legacy of rage, resentment, and self-destruction. Of course, that's the softer, gentler, feature-friendly image that onetime wild-child Mary J. has been pushing (and pushing!) in interviews and acceptance speeches over the past few… » 4/13/07 2:35pm 4/13/07 2:35pm