1988 Advice for Straight Women Encountering Lesbians is Bonkers

Feast your eyes on a genuine relic from the late 20th century: "When You Meet a Lesbian: Hints for the Heterosexual Women." It is a handout from a women's studies class at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, circa 1988, and it is really something. » 4/08/14 3:00pm 4/08/14 3:00pm

Feminist Stephen Colbert Gave Himself a Master's in Women's Studies

Last night on The Colbert Report, host and self-professed feminist Stephen Colbert recognized — in honor of Women's History Month —"that society has intrinsically linked a woman's value to her outward appearance and thereby undermining her status and strengthening the patriarchal hegemony." For his revelation, Colbert… » 3/07/14 7:15pm 3/07/14 7:15pm

Here's a Hilariously Bad Horror Movie About Feminism Gone Wrong

Women's Studies is a 2010 movie about what happens when "female empowerment is taken to murderous extremes." The tagline: "Open your mind before it gets opened for you." It's as if a group of MRAs with (barely) passable cinematic skills were inspired by The Craft. » 5/09/13 1:00pm 5/09/13 1:00pm

Andy Dwyer Goes To College, Takes A Course In Women's Studies

In last night's episode of Parks And Recreation, Pawnee's resident simpleton decided to kickstart his career and sample a few courses at the local community college. At April's suggestion, Andy tried an introductory guitar class, but decided it was boring, since he's already a achieved success with his band, Mouse… » 11/18/11 3:20pm 11/18/11 3:20pm

The Anti-Pornography Debate Returns

Anti-porn activists — that familiar, yet still jarring coalition of women's studies professors and Bush administration vets — briefed interested members of congress on pornography and obscenity yesterday. Is this issue coming back to the agenda? » 6/16/10 3:30pm 6/16/10 3:30pm

Video: This Is What A Real Woman Looks Like

In this video by Santa Monica College's "Women and Pop Culture" class, students answer questions about their body image struggles. Says one, "No, I don't see many 28-year old lesbians with mohawks, two cats, riding skatesboards in the media." [FeministFatale] » 6/07/10 2:40pm 6/07/10 2:40pm

In Which The National Post Pretty Much Declares That Feminism Destroyed…

Several of our Canadian readers wrote in recently to bring our attention to a slightly insane piece put forth by the editorial board of the National Post that blames Women's Studies programs for, well, basically everything. » 1/30/10 5:00pm 1/30/10 5:00pm

HBO Gets More Lady-Friendly With Feminist Fare

Diane Keaton will star in an HBO comedy series written by Marti Noxon (Mad Men, Grey's) and play "a feminist icon who attempts to reignite the movement by starting a sexually explicit magazine for women." Here's what's interesting: » 7/30/09 11:00am 7/30/09 11:00am

Is The History Of Women A History Of Hate?

Is it possible to write the history of women? That's the question implicit in Hilary Mantel's review of Marilyn French's four-volume From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women. » 4/16/09 2:00pm 4/16/09 2:00pm

HBO Majors In Women's Studies

HBO has announced plans for a new show, starring Tony winner Julie White as a feminist "it"-girl-turned-professor. Titled Women's Studies, it could be eye-opening or predictable...just like my women's studies classes. [Women & Hollywood] » 4/15/09 10:45am 4/15/09 10:45am

Roy Den Hollander, who last we mocked » 10/29/08 6:20pm 10/29/08 6:20pm when a judge threw out his case against Ladies' Night, is back in the news this week. He's now against Women's Studies — which he's hoping will keep a federal judge from agreeing with . The Fountain of Douche continues to spring eternal and, as is only safe and best for womanity,…

Roy Den Hollander Will Not Be Intimidated By Lesbian Feminzai…

As if you hadn't yet heard enough about Roy Den Hollander » 8/20/08 2:30pm 8/20/08 2:30pm, the lawyer suing Columbia University over its women's studies program various New York drinking establishments for having ladies nights the federal government for daring to allow abused foreign wives to stay in this country (that's right — his young Russian…

Are Women's Studies Departments Dying?

After the current crop of seniors graduates this spring, women's studies will no longer exist as an autonomous field in Britain, says Angela McRobbie in today's Guardian. She thinks women's studies has disappeared for two main reasons: One, the mercenary job market, where a women's studies degree is not immediately… » 3/25/08 4:00pm 3/25/08 4:00pm