Barack Obama, Good For Us Ladies And Easy On The Eyes

  • Not that it's surprising, but the 43 economists of the Economists' Policy Group on Women's Issues graded John McCain and Barack Obama on 10 issues of importance to women and Obama came out ahead. McCain got an "F" because the group was concerned that his positions would do harm to women. [US News & World Report]
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LI Teens Try To Rob Michael Kors• Turkish Gov't Tells Women To Stop Being So Sexy

Three Long Island teens were caught breaking into Michael Kors' Fire Island home! Bet he has nice stuff. • A cow rammed a woman in the stomach and the resulting injury prompted her to visit the doctor, where she discovered she had cervical cancer. If it could, the cow would say, "Hey lady, you're welcome. • More … »5/29/08 5:00pm5/29/08 5:00pm