Inside The Religious Right's Battle To Bring Down Planned Parenthood

The fate of Planned Parenthood has been in the hands of irritable men and a few irritable women as congressional Republicans continue to push for its defunding, most recently threatening a government shutdown. However, the gang here at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. is not stressed about it — the question… »9/26/15 5:31pm9/26/15 5:31pm

Obama Administration Will Spend $300 Million on Reducing HIV Rates Among African Women

The Obama administration said today that it is dedicating an additional $300 million to reduce HIV infection rates among women and girls in 10 African countries. The Associated Press reports that the administration is aiming at “25 percent infection reduction in females between ages 15-24 by the end of next year and a… »9/26/15 1:45pm9/26/15 1:45pm

New York City School Gets First Free Tampon Dispenser

Teens at the High School for Arts and Business in Corona, Queens, won’t ever have to worry if they forget to bring a tampon. New York City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland unveiled the first dispenser offering free feminine hygiene products at the school on Tuesday. The machine will be stocked with free maxi… »9/23/15 11:05pm9/23/15 11:05pm

Jessica Biel Wants to Help Women Learn About Their Bodies

After Jessica Biel went off birth control to try for a baby (which resulted in little Silas, her spawn with Justin Timberlake), she realized she had a lot of questions pertaining to pregnancy, contraception and her own body. To help educate women like herself, Biel teamed up with Saundra Pelletier, founder of the… »9/16/15 9:15pm9/16/15 9:15pm

This Fetal Monitoring System Is The Best Thing Apple Has Ever Done for Women

Of the many new experiences you might have during a high-risk pregnancy, one of the least fun is a fetal monitoring test called a Non-Stress Test, or NST. It really should be called a High-Stress Test because of the anguish it puts parents through. Apple just made it a little bit better. »9/09/15 4:09pm9/09/15 4:09pm

Selling American Women on the First At-Home Pregnancy Tests

In 2015, there’s a pretty standard process for what happens if you miss a period or two. You buy a pregnancy test, and you piss on a stick, and you wait. Whatever the results—whether they’re what you want or not—you typically get them in private. Thanks to online shopping, you might not even have to face a cashier… »8/17/15 3:10pm8/17/15 3:10pm

Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards Is a Women's Health Advocate, Not a Monster

In our second episode of This Broad’s Life, we followed Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards around Washington, D.C. in early July—just weeks before the organization fell under attack from the Center for Medical Progress, an anti-abortion group, and subsequently from Republicans all over the country. »8/13/15 1:20pm8/13/15 1:20pm

Actually Jeb Bush Loves Women's Health, Is Women's Health's Biggest Fan

A day after saying he’s “not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues,” Jeb Bush is quickly moving to clarify that he actually he loves women’s health. He’s women’s health’s biggest fan. He has all women’s health’s albums. Pap smears, breast exams, all those things, he thinks they’re whatever… »8/05/15 12:45pm8/05/15 12:45pm

Wheaton College Halts Student Health Coverage Due to Birth Control

Wheaton College in Illinois has announced plans to end health insurance for their students, due to the school’s religious beliefs. The move is a stand against the Affordable Care Act, which requires birth control coverage for all insurance plans. Wheaton, a Christian liberal arts college located 25 miles from Chicago,… »7/30/15 10:15pm7/30/15 10:15pm

What It's Like to Be an OB/GYN in Sierra Leone: An Interview

Each day, around 800 women across the globe die because of complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Doctors Without Borders, the international medical organization that sends physicians to impoverished areas, recently launched a multimedia project to illuminate the reality of these unnecessary deaths. Because… »7/22/15 4:05pm7/22/15 4:05pm

Feds to Insurance Companies: You Actually Have to Cover Birth Control

Three federal agencies issued a pointed set of “clarifications” Monday, basically reminding health insurance companies that under the Affordable Care Act, they really do have to cover birth control without a co-pay or deductible. No, seriously. The same goes for “well woman” exams, preventive services for transgender… »5/11/15 6:45pm5/11/15 6:45pm