Sweet Briar College Will Remain Open For Another Academic Year

When Sweet Briar College, a women’s college in Virginia, announced that it would close in August, it set off a series of protests and lawsuits from students and alumnae. The college’s abrupt announcement came as a surprise to the tight-knit Sweet Briar community who said that there had been no clear signs of trouble… » 6/21/15 12:00pm 6/21/15 12:00pm

A Question After Sweet Briar: Is There a Future for Women's Colleges?

Last week, Sweet Briar College, a 114-year-old women's college located in rural Virginia, announced that it will be closing its doors in August. The abruptness of the news was remarkable: an institution as firmly established as a college or university rarely faces existential trouble in secret, yet there had been no… » 3/13/15 12:10pm 3/13/15 12:10pm

All-Women Sweet Briar College Will Close After 114 Years

Sweet Briar College, a liberal arts school for women located just north of Lynchburg, Virginia, has announced that it will shut its doors after 114 years. The 700-student school cited financial challenges for the sudden shutdown. Although the school has a multi-million dollar endowment, school officials said it wasn't… » 3/04/15 11:50am 3/04/15 11:50am

Trans Women Offer Women's Colleges A New Way To Support An Old Mission

Recently, Mills College in California and Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts modified admission policies to include transgender women regardless of the gender listed on official documents or completed medical procedures. The pressure is now on other women's colleges to produce comprehensive admission policies for trans… » 9/09/14 3:22pm 9/09/14 3:22pm

The Brave New World Of Gender Nonconformity: Pregnant Men

The concept of gender in mainstream culture is becoming less conservative by the day. Of course it's not like being at Smith, but when Benny Ninja can vogue his little butt off on a graffiti-ed stage with a bunch of drag queens during prime time and no one bats an eyelash, you know things have come pretty far since … » 3/20/08 6:00pm 3/20/08 6:00pm