Cartoon Network Cancelled a Show Because It Was Too Focused on Girls

Paul Dini is the creator and writer behind the Cartoon Network show Tower Prep, which was cancelled in 2011 after one season. Now Dini has revealed that he's fairly certain it got cut was because he wasn't doing enough to make the show appealing to boys. » 12/19/13 2:15pm 12/19/13 2:15pm

On Taking Sitcoms Too Seriously

Perhaps we've reached a point with sitcoms where we're giving them too much credit. They are, at their core, just supposed to be funny. But as their quality has improved, our understanding of their significance and depth has maybe gotten blown a little out of proportion. » 9/22/13 5:00pm 9/22/13 5:00pm

Anna Gunn's Just Trying To Understand Why People Want To Kill Her

As Breaking Bad comes to a close (AHHHH!), hopefully cultural critics will be examining viewers' vitriol against Walter White's complex, long-suffering wife — which has been so severe it's been termed "the Skyler White" effect and applied to other TV wives — at length. [Spoilers to follow.] » 8/24/13 2:30pm 8/24/13 2:30pm

How Boardwalk Empire Reinvented The Stereotypical Nagging Wife

It's an image anyone who's watched the odd Looney Toon is familiar with –- the large, scary wife brandishing her rolling pin as she harries after her husband, a fellow diminutive in both size and spirit. The hen-pecked husband, and the nagging wife –- if you'd asked me about it a year ago, I would have told you it was… » 1/06/12 5:15pm 1/06/12 5:15pm

"I Would Defend This Show To My Death:" Evaluating The Real Housewives

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News asks what's got to be today's most pressing question: should we feel bad for liking The Real Housewives? » 11/04/09 7:00pm 11/04/09 7:00pm

On TV, Single, Middle-Aged Women Are Aliens

When Jon Caramanica writes about a show in which "a female alien lands largely unannounced in a predominantly male universe," he's talking about The Good Wife — because on television, single women over 35 might as well be Martians. » 10/19/09 3:40pm 10/19/09 3:40pm

Channeling Stereotypes Of Men & Women On TV

Can you imagine a sitcom called Fat Wife, where a hot husband comes home to a chubby/sloppy chick plopped in front of the TV? The cartoon at left, seen on Sociological Images, is satire: » 7/30/09 3:20pm 7/30/09 3:20pm