The Nation's Youngest Legislator Is an 18-Year-Old Conservative Woman

America's youngest state legislator is now 18-year-old West Virginian Saira Blair. She's NRA-endorsed, fiscally conservative and, of course, pro-life. Her dad is a state senator. » 11/05/14 4:15pm 11/05/14 4:15pm

GOP Candidate Speaks Against Sexism in Room Covered in Sexist Graffiti

Fed up with sexist online abuse, conservative South Dakota Senate candidate Annette Bosworth gave a press conference in a room covered in sexist graffiti to make a point about how sexism is awful. On one hand, good. We can all fight sexism together no matter who we vote for straight ticket in the polls. On the other… » 5/27/14 5:40pm 5/27/14 5:40pm

Hillary Clinton Jokes About Calling Her Book The Scrunchie Chronicles

Hard Choices may be the title Hillary Clinton eventually settled on for her forthcoming memoirs, but the former Secretary of State said recently that another more fun title could have (and, in my humble opinion, should have) made the cut: The Scrunchie Chronicles. » 5/27/14 12:00pm 5/27/14 12:00pm

Hog-Castrating Senate Candidate Has New Gunfire-Fueled Ad

A month ago, America fell in deep, fearful love with Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst's pig ball-cutting political ad called "Squeal." Now, she's back with another ad that makes America think that maybe Joni Ernst is batshit fucking insane. It's called "Shot," and it's about guns. » 5/12/14 6:45pm 5/12/14 6:45pm

Republicans Plan to Reach Out to Women By Avoiding Facts

During this election year, you can expect to see a change in tone in many political ads. If you're wondering if this means that they'll finally be less dumb, I'm sorry to disappoint; they are, unfortunately, going to get even more dumb, because conservative strategists have decided that the best way to reach ladies is… » 5/12/14 6:15pm 5/12/14 6:15pm

Hillary Clinton Has Trouble Coming Up With Non-Dirty Guilty Pleasures

At an event this morning, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked what her "guilty pleasures" were. And the possible future first female President in American history replied, "I'm just trying to think of G-rated ones." Hillary Clinton is a spectacular freak. I knew it. » 5/06/14 2:40pm 5/06/14 2:40pm

Meet the Press Ponders Whether a Grandma Can Run for President

On yesterday's special Easter 420 edition of Meet the Press, host David Gregory continued to harp on the bored pundit nonquestion of whether or not the birth of Hillary Clinton's grandchild will impact her decision to run or not run for President in 2016. Unfortunately, no one had the stones to respond, "I don't know,… » 4/21/14 12:20pm 4/21/14 12:20pm

Hillary Clinton Finally Admits She's Thinking of Running for President

All that Hillary Clinton 2016 speculation just went from wishful political fanfic to political possibility, as the former Secretary of State and First Lady admitted yesterday that she's "thinking about" running for President. Everybody freak out! » 4/09/14 2:40pm 4/09/14 2:40pm

Bill O'Reilly Certain There Must Be a 'Downside' To a Woman President

Fox News shouting head Bill O'Reilly has finally made it to 1979 in his slog through American social progress, last night posing an important gotcha question to two female panelists: What's the downside to having a woman as President? I MEAN THERE'S GOTTA BE A DOWNSIDE! » 2/27/14 5:45pm 2/27/14 5:45pm

US Not Ready For a Woman President, Says Woman Who Ran For President

Minnesota Congressman Michele Bachmann has issued her edict on the chances Hillary Clinton's theoretical campaign would have during a theoretical 2016 election: not good. Mostly because America simply isn't ready for a female President. I bet the schmucks who donated to Bachmann's 2012 Presidential campaign feel… » 2/20/14 1:30pm 2/20/14 1:30pm

Moron Politician Is Super Sorry He Called Congresswoman 'Some Bimbo'

A bitter (and, quite frankly, kind of crazy-sounding) California ex-Congressman named Joe Baca gave a super unhinged interview today after the woman who won a congressional election against him announced she wouldn't run for reelection. He was mad. He was say-super-sexist-shit mad. » 2/18/14 6:30pm 2/18/14 6:30pm

Political Journalists Are Forever On Bad Mom Patrol

There's been lots of political yammer (yammer because it's definitely not dignified enough to merit being called "discussion" but it's not yet loud enough to be called "yelling") in recent days and weeks about women who have political ambition. People are concerned, really. Concerned that maybe the women who have… » 2/18/14 3:40pm 2/18/14 3:40pm

Sharon Stone Will Star in a New National Treasure-Like Show

Guess TNT has decided NOT to take my advice and accept its destiny as the 24/7 Law and Order marathon channel. According to the Hollywood Reporter, they're currently cooking up the pilot for a drama titled Agent X—and Sharon Stone has just been cast as its star. » 1/24/14 6:30pm 1/24/14 6:30pm

Opponents Offer Unhelpful Critique of Wendy Davis: She's A Bad Mom!

Texas gubernatorial candidate and pro-choice It Girl Wendy Davis announced just last week that she'd raised over $12 million dollars over the second half of 2013. And, on Sunday, like clockwork, a Dallas paper ran a barbecued garbage "expose" that slammed her for being a bad mother. Texas-style sexism really sticks to… » 1/21/14 7:20pm 1/21/14 7:20pm

Kirsten Gillibrand Warns Women Against Following Their 'Nature'

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, badass champion of women's rights as she is on the Senate floor, is often asked to dispense advice to woman when she's not on the Senate floor. Her most recent tidbit of impromptu advice, though, was a little... confusing. » 1/21/14 10:40am 1/21/14 10:40am

Time Hillary Clinton Cover Features Giant, Mean Lady High Heel

This week's Time cover story is on Hillary Clinton's unannounced but somehow still unassailable candidacy for President. To illustrate this, they use a stock photo of a woman's heel nearly crushing a tiny hapless man. » 1/16/14 5:15pm 1/16/14 5:15pm

Bill Clinton Thinks a Woman Should Be President. Hint Hint.

Former President Bill Clinton, currently Clintoning around in China, told a rapt crowd of conventioneers that he hopes the next President is a woman. Gee, I wonder if Bill Clinton knows any women who might want to be President? Let me think. It's on the tip of my tongue. » 11/18/13 10:35am 11/18/13 10:35am

Poll: GOP Men Don't Think We Need Any More Ladies In Government

Fetch the smelling salts, I'm about to pass out from shock — a new poll reveals that there is a big gap in attitudes between liberals and conservatives when it comes to the role women should play in the government. And— surprise of surprises — the group with the least forward-thinking view of all is conservative men. » 10/29/13 5:15pm 10/29/13 5:15pm

Democrats Make a Push to Grab Female Voters and Make Female Leaders

Late last week, the DNC announced the formation of the Democratic Women's Alliance, a new program they say will work to encourage women to enter and stay in politics. It's been promoted, unsurprisingly, as a big F.U. to the those he-man woman haters in the Republican Party, as if the Democrats are creating a new team… » 10/28/13 12:30pm 10/28/13 12:30pm

Critic Calls Obama 'First Female President,' Like That's a Bad Thing

A columnist for conservative yellsite The Daily Caller has called Barack Obama "the first female President" like 1- it's a bad thing and 2- he came up with the idea. When did casual sexism get so boring? » 8/21/13 10:50am 8/21/13 10:50am