Lead Singer of CHVRCHES: I'm Tired of 'Dealing With' Online Misogyny

In case you'd forgotten, the patriarchal Internet hive-mind loves to send rape threats to women who try to take a stance against rape culture ("Rape culture is not a thing! I will threaten you with rape until you agree with me!" is the sickeningly flawed mentality here, more or less). The latest example of this… » 9/30/13 7:20pm 9/30/13 7:20pm

Reminder: Being A Pop Star Isn't The Only Option For Young Musicians

Artists like Britney, Rihanna and Katy Perry are known for singing, and putting on a show, but not for doing heaps of actual songwriting. Brit singer Kate Nash wishes we could change that. Nash, whose snarky pop hit "Foundations" went to number 2 on the charts in the U.K., is a fan of a clever turn of phrase. In… » 3/21/11 3:25pm 3/21/11 3:25pm