Marine Corps Study on Women in Combat 'Flawed' and Incomplete 

Last month, the Marine Corps released a year-long study that tested women’s readiness to serve in combat units. At the time of the study’s release, NPR called the results “stark,” adding that the “all-male units outperformed mixed-gender units across the board.” That study came months before January 1 deadline to… »10/17/15 2:15pm10/17/15 2:15pm


ACLU Wins Severance Pay for Victims of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Including Disproportionately Discharged Women and People of Color

The ACLU had been in court for two years trying to get military service members who were involuntarily dismissed during don't ask, don't tell their full severance pay. The Obama Administration finally settled and agreed to pay full separation to all service members who were involuntarily separated after Nov. 10, 2004.… »1/14/13 9:30am1/14/13 9:30am

The Marine Corps Hopes to Attract Women By Telling Them They Can Be Teachers

The Marine Corps: notoriously fabulous at marketing itself, notoriously shitty at attracting officers who aren't white men. (Only 7 percent are women; 6 percent are black.) Now, the Marines are launching a new marketing campaign to draw more minorities and women into its ranks by focusing on the things they think… »11/08/12 2:20pm11/08/12 2:20pm

When Will the Military Start Seriously Prioritizing Women?

Super qualified army Col. Ellen Haring — West Point graduate, career officer, doctoral student — was excited when she heard she was close to getting her dream job: supervising female soldiers who work with Afghan women in combat zones for special-operations units. But then she got a call from a staff officer saying… »10/17/12 12:55pm10/17/12 12:55pm

Critics of Women in Combat Worried Ladies Will Make Men Worse at Killing

For the first time, a select group of terrifyingly formidable women have been allowed to enter Marine Infantry Officer Training on an experimental basis. In other words, we're one major step closer to allowing women to fight alongside men on the front lines. But with all the hair pulling and dainty slapping and… »10/04/12 1:00pm10/04/12 1:00pm

Noted Asshat Liz Trotta Thinks Feminists Are Causing Military Rape

Fox News analyst Liz Trotta, determined to take a dump all over any shred of dignity she was thinking about leaving in her legacy, has clarified what she said about military rape victims totally asking for it last week: she didn't mean to say that they were personally totally asking for it, just that women shouldn't… »2/21/12 6:15pm2/21/12 6:15pm

Women in the Military Should Just Expect to Be Raped, Says Fox News Asshole

In addition calling participants in Occupy Wall Street "ravers who sound like the Unibomber" and asking for what sounded a lot like Barack Obama's assassination, Fox News commentator Liz Trotta can add a dubious new achievement to her resume: person who officially thinks that United State's servicewomen who are raped… »2/13/12 5:40pm2/13/12 5:40pm

Santorum Meant to Say It's Ladies' Weakness, Not Emotions, That Keeps Them Out of Combat

Last week, Rick Santorum said he didn't think women should be allowed in combat because the "types of emotions that are involved." Well, he's since clarified his position, and it turns out he wasn't referring to women's out of control emotions but men's. You see, he's worried that male soldiers would get themselves in… »2/13/12 11:00am2/13/12 11:00am

Rick Santorum Says Women Aren't Fit for Combat Because They're Just So Emotional

Pretty much every time he opens his mouth, Rick Santorum manages to commit some kind of flagrant foul, but yesterday he really delivered a doozy. This time it was on the matter of ladies in combat, and Santorum was quick to praise the women of the military, saying he "wants to create every opportunity for women to be… »2/10/12 11:20am2/10/12 11:20am