Woman Defies Taliban, And Maybe The Facts, To Make Her Movie

The only movie made in Afghanistan this year was directed by a woman, who says she cast herself when the original actress's feet were cut off by the Taliban. At the premiere in Kabul, some were slightly more skeptical. » 9/24/10 1:00pm 9/24/10 1:00pm

Women Spend Three Years Of Their Lives In The Kitchen

Mutilated Time Cover Star Getting Reconstructive Surgery

Aisha, the woman whose mutilated face Time recently used to illustrate the plight of women in Afghanistan, is now in Los Angeles, where she'll get reconstructive surgery thanks to an LA surgeon and his wife's burn-focused foundation. » 8/10/10 2:50pm 8/10/10 2:50pm

Amanpour Presses Pelosi, Insists On Controversial Haircut

Was Christiane Amanpour's debut on This Week a promising break from the "clubby, old-boy focus on domestic news," or is she a "globe-trotting Fancy-Pants" who might be rooting for the Taliban? Depends on which paper you're reading. » 8/02/10 10:57am 8/02/10 10:57am

French Assembly Passes 'Burqa Ban'

• As expected, the French Assembly has indeed voted in favor of banning the full facial veil in public spaces; the measure extends to both burqas and niqabs. The bill is expected to be ratified by the Senate in September. » 7/13/10 5:12pm 7/13/10 5:12pm

Rachel Maddow To Speak At Smith; Students Celebrate • Florida State…

• Smith's graduating class of 2010 are a lucky bunch: Rachel Maddow will be coming to the Massachusetts school to receive an honorary degree and give the commencement address. • » 2/18/10 5:30pm 2/18/10 5:30pm

Rape In Liberia "Was Sort Of Normalized" • Gender Gap In Childhood…

In response to the rape of an 8-year-old girl from Arizona, CNN delves into the terrible facts about rape in Liberia. "It's something that happens every day in every community in Liberia," said Tania Bernath of Amnesty International. » 7/30/09 5:20pm 7/30/09 5:20pm

It's One Step Forward, Two Steps Back For Women In Afghanistan

In Bamian, a "peaceful corner" of Afghanistan, women are driving cars, working in public offices and police stations. There is even a female governor, the first and only one in Afghanistan. But according to » 10/06/08 5:00pm 10/06/08 5:00pm the , this province is unique. Even though the Taliban fell more than six years ago, women in Afghanistan have…