Men Are From Bacon, Women Are From Lemons

Did you know men and women are different, because they are. They are so different that they even like different things. Men like meat, visual stuff. Women like lemons, feelings. It's a wonder it ever works, because meat and pictures and lemons and feelings go together like a tornado in a teacup without any good smells… » 8/20/14 1:00pm 8/20/14 1:00pm

Meet The Female Palestinian Racers Empowering Women In The Middle East

Motorsports has been a male dominated world since forever, but some pioneering women called the Speed Sisters are chipping away at that status quo with determination to develop their talents behind the wheel and make car racing more accessible to other females who will follow them. » 5/09/14 3:50pm 5/09/14 3:50pm

The Things Nobody Tells You About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding isn't as simple as "baby plus nipple." It can create a lot of unexpected biological quirks and emotional reactions, leaving many new parents blindsided. Here are some common breastfeeding experiences you may not have heard about, compiled by new moms and women's health experts. » 4/24/14 5:41pm 4/24/14 5:41pm

PLEASE Quit Reading Things That Explain What Guys 'Really' Mean

What do women really want? How do men really feel? If you've ever found yourself reading an article that attempts to "decipher" the "code" of male or female behavior, congratulations, you are grasping at straws (or hate-reading). I, too, have read approximately 14,000 bajillion of these pieces over the course of my… » 3/19/14 6:50pm 3/19/14 6:50pm

How True Detective Can Solve Its Woman Problem

Earlier this week, Nic Pizzolatto, the writer and creator of HBO's True Detective, posted and hastily deleted a Tweet that left fans of the show salivating. In the Tweet, Pizzolatto strongly implied that the next season of series — which, for all its gripping, gorgeous imagery and brain-invading writing, has thus far… » 2/26/14 6:01pm 2/26/14 6:01pm

When a Bar Full of Women Was a Nightmarish Dystopia

Harry Grant Dart had quite an eye for the future. The early 20th century illustrator imagined women driving flying machines, the airmail of the future dropping from the sky, and even a world of robot butlers long before the word robot had even been coined. But one of Dart's illustrations from 1908 was perhaps the most… » 2/03/14 4:50pm 2/03/14 4:50pm