Shocking Poll Finds That Half of American Women Have a 'Very Unfavorable' View of Donald Trump  

In what is truly some unsurprising bit of polling, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found that half of American women have a “very unfavorable” view of Donald Trump. Though the likely Republican presidential nominee claims to “cherish” women, touting the in-depth policy, “I will be so good to women,” it appears that a sizable…

Sanders: Trump Must Have a 'Very Unusual Relationship with Women' If He Doesn't Know They Pee 

Earlier this week, presidential candidate and malevolent Cracker Jack Donald Trump was confronted with the upsetting reality that Hillary Clinton pees, something he found too gross to discuss: “It’s too disgusting. Don’t say it, it’s disgusting.” Bernie Sanders has more upsetting revelations for the Donald.

Female Motorcycle Ownership Is At An All-Time High, And That's Awesome

One of the biggest issues faced by the motorcycle industry is the difficulty of capturing new riders in new segments. Adding more new 50-year-old dudes on Harleys is great and all, but the industry won’t grow if it doesn’t figure out how to sell bikes to women and young people. It must be doing something right,…