Nature Creates Killer Coyote-Wolf Hybrid That Will Survive Apocalypse

What's wily like a coyote, but hungry like a wolf? A coyote-wolf hybrid! Scientists have confirmed that these modern-day dire wolves are now sweeping the country, appearing as far east as New York. Biologist Christine Bozarth says the hybrids "should be able to do things like take down deer, which a little, scrappy… »11/07/11 6:00pm11/07/11 6:00pm

Parents Declare Biological War On Own Children With Mail-Order Chicken Pox

Since forever, suffering through chicken pox has been a childhood rite of passage to be suffered once and never again. Parents of children who hadn't had the virus would even go so far as to request playdates with diseased children in hopes that their child would get the damn sickness over with. Now, the internet is… »11/04/11 5:00pm11/04/11 5:00pm

"I Have Been Wearing This Shirt For About 15 Weeks And I Have Not Needed To Wash It!"

Product reviews for this kitsch shirt are now an Internet Thing. Writes one reviewer, "You don't put this shirt on your torso you put it on your soul." In Amazon's also-viewed autosuggestion box: Joe The Plumber: Fighting For The American Dream. (Just don't spill Tuscan Whole Milk on either.) [BBC] »5/21/09 6:20pm5/21/09 6:20pm