What Do Men Want? Obedient Wives and Independent Daughters, Apparently

First, the “good” news: Some 34 percent of hetero men want a wife who is independent. Bad news: If you had a daughter with that dude, his preference for this trait in your offspring would nearly double to 66 percent. Is this logical as the known universe, or should we all hook paws and (independently) drive ourselves… »4/29/15 3:50pm4/29/15 3:50pm


Ladies, Want To Have It All? Get Yourself a Stay-at-Home Husband.

Women, if you want to have IT ALL, forget balancing family and career on your own. The new hotness in the race for the elusive goal of womanhood— "IT ALL" — isn't quality, affordable child care or workplaces with flexible hours or equal pay, because in some careers, those concessions aren't enough. No, for some women,… »12/09/13 1:30pm12/09/13 1:30pm

What Working Moms Really Need Are Wives

Men's lives aren't plagued with—or, hell, defined by—the daunting task of successfully balancing their professional and personal lives. They don't call themselves "working dads" or fret about "having it all." For them, a career and a family is a given. Good, old fashioned sexism aside—why? What do they have that we… »5/14/13 4:00pm5/14/13 4:00pm

John Kasich Praises the Heroic Laundering of Political Spouses Everywhere

By this point, it should be pretty obvious that Mitt Romney has the most hapless and mendacious surrogates EVER, but, in case you need a little more convincing, Ohio Gov. John Kasich was on hand Wednesday to provide some more evidence that the entire GOP is now officially a horseshoe crab that somehow got stuck on its… »9/13/12 9:15pm9/13/12 9:15pm

Soldier Dies in Afghanistan, Leaving Two Wives to Fight Over His Stuff

This sounds pretty awkward. A California serviceman who was killed in Afghanistan has been survived by a forecasted category 5 shitstorm, as he neglected to tell his second wife that he hadn't yet divorced his first wife. And now the two wives are locked in a heated, terribly depressing fight over his stuff. »5/08/12 7:00pm5/08/12 7:00pm

Will Cheating On Your Husband Save Your Marriage?

Marriage is hard, says everyone who is married. All that co-dinner eating and Netflix queue consolidating and trying to match someone else's socks and only sleeping with one person forevermore. It's enough to bore a lady to tears! Some women swear that the best way to overcome these terrible doldrums and be happy is… »10/11/11 11:15am10/11/11 11:15am