Who's the Best, Most Badass Witch in All of Pop Culture?

Witches are having a pop culture moment, says everyone in the universe. Witches are currently more popular than Congress (but still less popular than dog poop, which is surprisingly well-regarded by Americans). NY Daily News wrote an article about the ubiquity of the witch, and, as a bonus, it sounds as though it may… » 10/09/13 4:50pm 10/09/13 4:50pm

Why Are There No Female Magicians? Maybe Because We BURNED THEM ALL TO…

Now, even I'm not a goofy enough feminist stereotype to get all up-in-arms about 17th-century witch-burning as a tangible, pressing, current lady-problem. Buuuuuut...sometimes (all the times) we do feel the echoes of long-past injustices in our largely mundane modern lives. And aren't thought experiments fun? On the… » 3/19/13 4:25pm 3/19/13 4:25pm

Republican Worried that Care Bears Are Turning Children Into Witches

One of the biggest bummers of all the Republican rape talk this election cycle is that it's distracted from Republican witch talk, which is much less rage inducing and much more hilarious. At the end of a stressful day, I like to unwind by watching old Christine O'Donnell videos where she talks about Satan, and now,… » 11/05/12 3:10pm 11/05/12 3:10pm

Small Business Loans Help Village Women in Indian Protect Themselves…

Women living in Indian villages are banding together with the help of "microcredit" business loans of about 750 rupees ($18) to help prevent modern-day witch hunts that can prove fatal to their friends and neighbors. Allegations of witchcraft and sorcery often serve as smokescreens for personal vendettas in rural… » 9/04/12 10:25pm 9/04/12 10:25pm

What, Exactly, Does a Feminist Look Like?

Where would we be without stock photos? Without them, we wouldn't be able to visualize the sort of family who might buy a time share advertised in a Sunday paper insert. We wouldn't have laughed alone with the women and their salads. And we definitely wouldn't know what a feminist looks like. So what do stock photos… » 5/18/12 3:00pm 5/18/12 3:00pm

Can Sabrina the Teenage Witch be Spider-Man for Little Girls?

Sabrina the teen witch character started with Archie Comics in the '60s, move to an animated series, then became a weirdly awesome sitcom featuring Melissa Joan Hart and her dryly witty cat, Salem. But with an upcoming live-action remake, the new Sabrina will be "an origin story in the vein of Spider-Man, about a… » 4/13/12 3:45pm 4/13/12 3:45pm

Pissed-Off Witches Of The World, Unite & Take Over

Last night's episode of True Blood saw Antonia Gavilán of Logroño declaring, "I am returned." She has taken over Marnie's body, and we have no idea where Marnie's poor soul is — maybe on a nice vacation in some kind of tropical paradise? In any case, four hundred years ago, Antonia was tortured, raped and burned at… » 8/08/11 1:05pm 8/08/11 1:05pm