Witch Priestess Takes Warlock to Court for Harassment 

Keeping with the spirit of the season, the Associated Press brings us the story witch priestess Lori Sforza and warlock Christian Day. Sforza who, in addition to her duties of a witch priestess at a “pagan church,” is the owner of a witchcraft shop in Salem, Massachusetts. She claims that Day, a warlock and owner of… »10/27/15 11:00pm10/27/15 11:00pm

Brooklyn Witches Are Doing Their Part to Defeat Donald Trump By Casting Hexes on Him

As if the presidential race hadn’t been interesting enough, witches have now entered the fold. Yeni Sleidi gathered her fellow brujas, asked them to perform a series of curses on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and recorded footage of the rituals. The end result is an energetic video titled, “Brujas Hex… »9/11/15 9:28am9/11/15 9:28am

Who's the Best, Most Badass Witch in All of Pop Culture?

Witches are having a pop culture moment, says everyone in the universe. Witches are currently more popular than Congress (but still less popular than dog poop, which is surprisingly well-regarded by Americans). NY Daily News wrote an article about the ubiquity of the witch, and, as a bonus, it sounds as though it… »10/09/13 4:50pm10/09/13 4:50pm