Carrie Fisher Talks To Matt Lauer About Gay Husbands, LSD And Manic Depression

When Carrie Fisher got into acid, her famous mom called up Cary Grant and had him try to get her off it. Stars! They're… not like us at all. Did the Grant intervention help? Hell no. "I kept eating acid," Carrie admits, and that's not the only dirt she offers to Matt Lauer on Today. She's out promoting her… » 12/10/08 11:00am 12/10/08 11:00am

New Carrie Fisher Memoir: Mom Got Me A Vibrator For Xmas

Celebrity memoirs are a strange breed. As a rule they're low on writing quality and high on self pity. But I had high hopes for Carrie Fisher's new memoir out December 2nd, Wishful Drinking » 11/20/08 2:40pm 11/20/08 2:40pm, which is based on her one-woman show of the same name. Fisher, unlike most celebrities (especially ones spawned from other…