Relatable Woman Arrested for Smearing Peanut Butter on Cars She Thought Were At a Trump Rally

A Wisconsin woman described in reports as “drunk” and “yelling profanity” is accused of bursting into a meeting she thought was a Trump rally to yell about Donald Trump. When she was asked to leave, she allegedly used peanut butter to smear “phallic symbols” and curse words on several vehicles. Funny, I don’t remember


Supreme Court Rejects Two Bids on Abortion Restrictions, Signaling End of 'Admitting Privileges' Laws 

A day after the Supreme Court preserved abortion rights by declaring Texas’s HB2 unconstitutional, justices rejected two abortion-related bids from Mississippi and Wisconsin. In both cases, the states were seeking a ruling on their laws requiring that abortion doctors have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.…

Wisconsin School Receives Federal Funding, Discourages 'Sinful' Gay and Trans Students From Enrolling 

A Lutheran school in Baraboo, Wisconsin gets federal funding for things like its free lunch and transportation programs. It also says it has the right to discipline and expel students who are gay or transgender. The school’s principal admitted in a letter to parents that he can’t outright refuse admission to students…