Your Top Four Picks For Best Women's Snow Boots

Snow boots have an unfortunate reputation: They’re bulky, ugly, and often fall apart. Those who choose not to keep a pair of extra shoes stashed away at work are burdened with the responsibility of wearing one pair of shoes everyday for months. That’s commitment, real commitment. Rather than wade through the copious…

The Song of the Summer Got a Video to Remind You Summer is Dead

Is it sadistic that “Good Times,” the song of the summer, is finally blessed with an official video as we enter shitty October? As a seasonal work of art, it seems to ask us to mourn all we have lost—pools, sun, fun, happiness, rooftop jams, chill vibes—in the penultimate month before winter destroys us.

Boston Breaks All-Time Winter Snowfall Record with 108.6 Inches of Snow

A burst of heavy snow this afternoon nudged Boston over the threshold the city needed to break its all-time snowfall record. The airport reported 2.9 inches of snow at 7:00 PM EDT, bringing the seasonal total to 108.6 inches, or one inch above the previous all-time record set in 1995-1996. Snowfall records in Boston…