Watch a Price Is Right Model Slowly Die Inside After Ruining the Show

Schadenfreude: Everyone wants it, but not everyone can have it all the time. Tonight, however, I present you with a video of such shameful proportions that you will delightedly press play again and again as you cringe inwardly for the Price Is Right model who ruined the entire show by accidentally giving away a… »4/02/15 9:15pm4/02/15 9:15pm


Don't Bother Feeling Regret, It Will Only Make You Miserable

There are countless proverbs that urge us not to feel regret—no use crying over spilled milk, etc. While feeling it may generally be considered a waste, since what's done is done, a new study published in Science found that learning to live without regret might also be the key to making sure you're not miserable when… »4/23/12 10:25am4/23/12 10:25am

Charlie Sheen's Bulletproof Bachelor Fortress

Considering that the lion's share of her memoir, The Real Girl Next Door, is about her life with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards really could've raked his ass over the coals for what he put her through. But unfortunately for us—and her publisher—she chose to take the high road, never divulging the details of… »7/27/11 12:50pm7/27/11 12:50pm

How Much Did Charlie Sheen Pay Ex-Goddess For Glowing Playboy Remarks?

According to Bree Olson, Charlie Sheen is a great lay. Olson—who went by her birth name, Rachel Oberlin, during her tenure as one of Sheen's goddesses earlier this year—graces the cover of August's Playboy, in which she also gives an interview about her relationship with Sheen and his other goddess Natalie Kenly. And… »7/13/11 6:20pm7/13/11 6:20pm

Charlie Sheen Will Return To TV, Make "More Money Than Ever Before"

Most people would consider getting fired due to their increasingly bizarre antics a wake up call. For Charlie Sheen it's an opportunity for an even bigger payday. Chuckles has inked a deal with Lionsgate Television to create and star in a new sitcom. A source says, "Charlie's character will be very similar to the one… »6/27/11 8:03pm6/27/11 8:03pm