A Live-Action Winnie the Pooh Is Coming, Will Probably Be Terrifying

Winnie the Pooh and friends are adorable as animated creatures but unfortunately animated is good enough for Disney anymore. The House of Mouse has signed Alex Ross Perry (an indie film writer and director) to create a live-action version of Pooh’s many adventures. Let’s call it now: It’s going to be horrifying. »4/03/15 10:50am4/03/15 10:50am


Britons Furious Over Beastly Americanisms in Latest Winnie the Pooh

Not to alarm you, gentle readers, on this so-far placid Sunday morning, but Disney's marauding editors have hacked the Hundred Acre Wood to cheap, American pulp. According to the Telegraph, conscientious British readers are horrified at error-strewn, Yankified modern updates of the children's classic in which Pooh… »1/15/12 3:00pm1/15/12 3:00pm