The Winnie Mandela Biopic: Behind Every Great Man Is a Jennifer Hudson

Here's the trailer for Winnie, the biopic chronicling the life and love of Winnie Mandela — from meeting her husband Nelson (played by Terrence Howard) to her own political evolution, which resulted in her emergence as key figure in the fight to end Apartheid. Jennifer Hudson stars, but it'll be a while before we… » 10/02/12 12:00pm 10/02/12 12:00pm

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Win-Winnie Situation

Is that another Oscar we smell? Jennifer Hudson is reportedly in talks to star as Winnie Mandela in a biopic about the South African icon. Even better: Idris Elba may play her husband, Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson. [Showbiz 411] » 10/21/09 11:40am 10/21/09 11:40am