Teachers Would Be Forced to Out Students Under Tennessee's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill

There are two main segments of the population who believe that if you pretend something you find icky doesn't exist it'll go away: toddlers and homophobic religious fanatics. Unfortunately, many in the latter group are politicians, which is why horrid pieces of legislation like Tennesse's "Don't Say Gay" bill exist.… »1/31/13 10:00am1/31/13 10:00am

Todd Akin Concerned That Somehow Non-Pregnant Women Are Getting Abortions

Women's health expert and Senate candidate Todd Akin has said some pretty impressive dumb shit this election season. But did you know that the Missouri Congressman has been saying stupid crap about women for years now? In 2008, he gave a speech about how dastardly abortion doctors were performing abortions on "women… »10/03/12 1:05pm10/03/12 1:05pm

God Planning to Use Magic to Help Romney Win Election, Says Glenn Beck

Great analysis on the state of the Presidential race today, this time from hollering chalkboard assailant Glenn Beck. Turns out, everything you thought about Mitt Romney's anemic poll numbers is wrong. Romney's not falling behind because fewer people plan on voting for him; according to Beck, he's falling behind… »10/01/12 7:20pm10/01/12 7:20pm

Michele Bachmann Told She Can No Longer Sit at Cool Republicans' Lunch Table

Michele Bachmann and America have had some pretty sexy times together. Remember when Michele Bachmann was running for President and she won the Iowa Straw Poll and everyone freaked out for a haysecond before they realized that she's about 8 players short of a baseball lineup, brain-wise? Remember how she gave that… »7/19/12 7:00pm7/19/12 7:00pm