Wine Time With Mindy Kaling, Marissa A. Ross and a Delicious Pillow

Mindy Kaling sat down for Marissa A. Ross's "Wine Time" series to take a crack at wine-tasting. The two, dressed like Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church from Sideways because duh, indulged in a Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection (which sounds more like a Godfather-themed crystal figurine set at Kay Jewelers)… »3/19/14 10:40am3/19/14 10:40am


Scratch and Sniff Book Will Teach You How to Be a Dick About Wine!

Sick of only pretending to be condescending about wine? Fed up with drinking just to get drunk instead of as a conversation starter about loam? Just plum perplexed about which hole the mommy-medicine goes in? No matter what your issues are with wine-drinkage, now there's a scratch and sniff book that can help. »10/21/13 7:00pm10/21/13 7:00pm