The Cost of Your Wine is Important (sort of)

We all know what I'm talking about above. When you can get $20 All-You-Can-Eat Chinese and wine in Manhattan, you know they're going to cut costs somewhere, and guess where that is? (RIP Chinese and Wine, you were so loved). I don't want to come off as a classist twat in this article, so rather than blabber a lot, I… » 2/10/14 9:55pm 2/10/14 9:55pm

Scratch and Sniff Book Will Teach You How to Be a Dick About Wine!

Sick of only pretending to be condescending about wine? Fed up with drinking just to get drunk instead of as a conversation starter about loam? Just plum perplexed about which hole the mommy-medicine goes in? No matter what your issues are with wine-drinkage, now there's a scratch and sniff book that can help. » 10/21/13 7:00pm 10/21/13 7:00pm

Everything You Need to Know About Douchebags You Can Learn From Booze

Comparing women to food and beverages is a tired trope of douchebaggery that's even older than the guys who think those jokes are funny. But that hasn't stopped "ladies be like food..." comparisons from being the scourge of everything from novelty Spencers Gifts bath mats to articles about... wine. » 10/02/13 1:10pm 10/02/13 1:10pm