Natalie Portman to play Lady Macbeth... with Michael Fassbender

Hot damn, this is going to be good. Rumor has it Natalie Portman has agreed to play Lady Macbeth in the big screen adaptation of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. But wait, it gets so much better, Michael Fassbender will play her hubby. Let the hot villainous sex-scheming begin! » 4/30/13 4:30pm 4/30/13 4:30pm

What Do People's Online "Personas" Say About Them?

Personas, part of the Metropath(ologies) art installation on display at the MIT Museum, generates a visualization of a person's online identity. We entered a few famous names to see if the internet knows something about them that we don't. » 8/20/09 3:20pm 8/20/09 3:20pm

10 Things I Hate About You's Teenage Feminist Soldiers On

When ABC Family's 10 Things I Hate About You debuted in July, it hinted that Kat (played by Lindsey Shaw) was politically-aware, but as the show has progressed, her character's feminism has become part of the plotline and dialogue. » 8/18/09 5:00pm 8/18/09 5:00pm

William Shakespeare Dissed By People Magazine Readers

Thank goodness for portraits and computer-generated imagery. Otherwise, how would People readers vote on the looks of historical figures. I mean, really. Shakespeare is like, you know, a writer or whatever. But was he HOT!? » 5/03/09 11:30am 5/03/09 11:30am

"I think he was a genius and geniuses are tricky to live with…But I think a man who hates his wife and doesn't dare leave her is all kind of a creep." That's Germaine Greer in a podcast on her (by most accounts successful) quest to prove the conventional wisdom that if Shakespeare really was Shakespeare his wife was a… » 5/19/08 2:20pm 5/19/08 2:20pm