Demi Moore's Topless, Pot-Smoking, Underage-Drinking Daughters Estrange Themselves From Their Even More Messed-Up Mom

For your latest installment of the Troubled Hollywood Families Variety Programme, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah (23, 20 and 18 respectively) have cut off all ties from their mom Demi Moore, whose emotional breakdowns in the wake of her split with Ashton Kutcher became too overwhelming for the kids to handle. Since Moore… »7/07/12 11:30am7/07/12 11:30am


American Idol Delivers Crazies Other Than Paula Abdul

While the actual competition and voting aspect of American Idol isn't really our steez, we can't help but love the auditions in the beginning. It's so representative of the freak show that is the American Dream — the quest for (often) talentless fame. Case in point: Alexis Cohen. The Pennsylvania native, who likens… »1/16/08 12:30pm1/16/08 12:30pm