Will Ferrell on Fraternities: Maybe Just Get Rid of Them?

Watch Will Ferrell Perfectly Lip Sync to 'Drunk In Love'

Yes, Jimmy Fallon brought out Drew Barrymore for "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" and Kevin Hart did John Legend's saccharine ode to his wife that's constantly played at award shows, but the real winner on Sunday night's episode of The Tonight Show was Ferrell's lip synced version of "Drunk In Love." » 2/02/15 9:30am 2/02/15 9:30am

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith's Epic Drum-Off Ends With More Cowbell

The drum-off to end all other drum-offs took place on Thursday's Tonight Show when Will Ferrell took on his lookalike, Red Hot Chili Pepper's drummer Chad Smith. » 5/23/14 11:25am 5/23/14 11:25am

Behold Will Ferrell's Spectacular Figure Skating Performance

On Thursday's Tonight Show, Will Ferrell came out dressed in a spandex tuxedo, top hat and white gloves. That probably doesn't surprise you. » 2/21/14 3:15pm 2/21/14 3:15pm

Michelle Obama Stars in Ew! Sketch With Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell

First Lady Michelle Obama joined Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell on The Tonight Show on Thursday, for a sketch called "Ew!" that was sort of about encouraging kids to eat healthy But really it was about Fallon and Ferrell dressed as girls acting ridiculous in front of the First Lady. Works for me! » 2/21/14 12:25am 2/21/14 12:25am

Will Ferrell Sets Up Production Company for Female-Driven Comedy

Who said the gender gap in comedy is NBD? Certainly not Will Ferrell, who has just launched a new production company, aimed at created female-focused comedies. Well, it's about time! » 2/12/14 11:30pm 2/12/14 11:30pm

Will Ferrell's 'Ask Me Anything' on Reddit Is Pretty Great

Will Ferrell graced Reddit with his almighty comedic presence on Tuesday and the results are as hilarious as you would expect. Except no they are not—they're funnier. So much funnier. » 2/05/14 9:40am 2/05/14 9:40am

The Daily Show's Delightful Anchorman Interview Gets Violent

The gentlemen of Anchorman (1 and 2) were on The Daily Show last night and things — unsurprisingly — got weird and delightful. I know it's dumb, but I always get a little choked up when I see Steve Carell return to his old stomping grounds, even when things turn to violence. » 12/19/13 5:00pm 12/19/13 5:00pm

Will Ferrell Anchored Local News as Ron Burgundy and It Was Perfect

One of the best parts of having a new Anchorman movie coming out (besides the fact that, hey, there is a new Anchorman movie coming out) is the many public appearances by the film's star, San Diego's premiere co-anchor Mr. Ron Burgundy. » 12/02/13 11:50am 12/02/13 11:50am

Ron Burgundy Sang to Rob Ford and Now We're in a Glass Case of Emotion

Ron Burgundy (played to perfection by Will Ferrell) travelled through time to be a guest on Conan last night, all so that he could A.) promote his new book and B.) give a ringing endorsement to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Lucky for us, Burgundy's endorsement included a song. Less lucky for us, the song included not nearly… » 11/21/13 9:35am 11/21/13 9:35am

Ron Burgundy Confuses Gay Men With Vampires in New Anchorman 2 Trailer

Here's the new Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues trailer, which shows the Channel 4 news team leaving their home in San Diego for the diversity, bright lights and fast pace of New York City. The pratfalls are plentiful and the humor is as broad as Ron Burgundy's lapels. » 10/23/13 12:40pm 10/23/13 12:40pm

Kristen Wiig's New Miniseries Looks Weird and Amazing

IFC just released the preview for their new Funny or Die miniseries The Spoils of Babylon, starring Tobey Maguire and Kristen Wiig. Is it a comedy? Yes! Is it a drama? Yes! Is it something out of one of your more vibrant fever dreams? Absolutely. » 10/10/13 3:50pm 10/10/13 3:50pm

Latest Anchorman 2 Trailer Features Sound Advice from Brick Tamland

The latest trailer for Anchorman 2 is basically the same as the first trailer for Anchorman 2, except that the jokes are different and Brick Tamland offers some really great advice about hugging a strange child in a public place: don't. Unless the child's parents are present, then by all means! Also, Brian Fantana… » 5/19/13 5:00pm 5/19/13 5:00pm

Drunk Aubrey Plaza Interrupts Will Ferrell at the MTV Movie Awards

Was Aubrey Plaza wasted at the MTV Movie Awards last night? Maybe. As Will Ferrell was accepting his Comedic Genius Golden Popcorn award, Plaza stormed the stage and tried to pry the prize from his hands. "Are you okay?" Ferrell asked. When she couldn't wrestle the award from his grip, she retuned to her seat. Watch… » 4/15/13 9:30am 4/15/13 9:30am

Katie Couric's Dead Husband's Phone Makes 2am Calls to Cops

So this is genuinely bizarre: Katie Couric and New York police commissioner Ray Kelly are investigating a series of 911 calls placed in the early hours of the morning—Tuesdays at 2 AM—from a number registered to Couric's dead husband Jay Monahan, who passed away of colon cancer in 1998. Because it is highly unlikely… » 2/14/13 9:00am 2/14/13 9:00am

Will Ferrell Swaps Smooches in a Super Bowl Ad Most People Didn't See

Did you see the weirdest commercial to air during last night's Super Bowl? It's doubtful unless you live in Oklahoma, Texas, and Montana because those are the only states to air the Old Milwaukee beer ad featuring a mustacheoed Will Ferrell making out with a woman on a bus to the tune of a Chinese song called —… » 2/04/13 11:55am 2/04/13 11:55am

Here's Ryan Gosling Playing With Knives

Did you know that Will Ferrell and his assistant Ryan Gosling rent out Jimmy Kimmel's studio at 11:30 every Wednesday night? It's true ! They use the space to host a QVC knife show. Or at least they did, but then Jimmy had to come in and ruin it with his terrible energy. » 1/10/13 4:25pm 1/10/13 4:25pm

Whoops, Jessica Simpson Accidentally Got Pregnant Again

In the immortal words of the classic holiday song: Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but Jessica Simpson is pregnant. It's been seven months and at least 109 headlines since the birth of Maxwell Drew and Simpson's subsequent public struggle to drop the baby weight/become a momshell/shed her human form/whatever… » 11/28/12 9:00am 11/28/12 9:00am

Jon Hamm Teams Up with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis to Drop the…

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis were on The Daily Show last night to promote their upcoming comedy The Campaign. The pair, who have been promoting the film for a few weeks now, grew frustrated with Stewart's expected, lame-ass questions and, rather than sit there and take it, decided to gang up on him. Stewart,… » 7/27/12 3:30pm 7/27/12 3:30pm