Loopy TV-Lovers, Get Ready For 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

Holy shit, you guys: Tuesday nights are about to get bonkers. The couples partaking in the first-ever season of Celebrity Wife Swap have been announced, and the stars who have enlisted are like gold mine. A few of the participants may have been expected (at this point, what reality show hasn't Gary Busey been on?).… »12/02/11 4:30pm12/02/11 4:30pm


Wife Swap: Dad Disrespects, Professes Love For Big Women

On last night's episode of Wife Swap, we got to meet a party animal repo man named Patrick, who pretty much is a composite of every goofy character Adam Sandler has ever played. He burps, farts, howls, has food fights with his children, plays video games, doesn't mind living in a messy home, and party-hops through his… »4/10/08 6:00pm4/10/08 6:00pm

Wife Swap: Adorable, Sarcastic "Screamo" Teen Makes Us Feel All Mary Kay Letourneau-y

A common theme on Wife Swap is that one family places an emphasis on traditional gender roles, while another family has a more unconventional approach as to the expected behavior of males and females. On last night's episode, teenage C.J. is a fan of "screamo" (I guess it's like emo but with screaming instead of… »3/20/08 2:30pm3/20/08 2:30pm

Wife Swap: Terrifying Texas Mom Shows "Pansy" Husband Who's Boss

On last night's Wife Swap, a radio shock-jock mom from the Northeast traded places with a walking ashtray from Texas named Sue Ann, who doesn't stand for any B.S. like "pansy" househusbands who don't earn a living or know how to play catch with their sons. A man named Edward was the husband assigned to Sue Ann, and,… »3/06/08 7:00pm3/06/08 7:00pm

What Would You Do If You Were Ditched For A Younger Woman?

Today's Mirror has some advice for women who find themselves traded in for a younger model — in love, at work, or by your kids. Unfortunately, the advice is pretty lame. If a man dumps you for a younger chick, says the paper, you're supposed to "focus on your own life and how to live it." Not exactly revolutionary!… »10/22/07 3:00pm10/22/07 3:00pm