Aww: Vladimir Putin is Getting Divorced

The many, many rumors are true: Reuters reports that everyone's favorite shirtless Russian president is getting divorced from his wife Lyudmila after 30 years of wedded bliss. No word yet on when we'll get some more photos of their mysterious daughters. Perhaps now the floodgates will open and a secretive family past… » 6/06/13 6:45pm 6/06/13 6:45pm

Why Do Most Women Still Take Their Husband's Last Name?

"Why, in 2013, does getting married mean giving up the most basic marker of your identity?" asks Jill Filipovic in the Guardian today. "And if family unity is so important, why don't men ever change their names?" » 3/07/13 7:00pm 3/07/13 7:00pm

Man Cuts Off His Wife's Lip and Eats It So She'll 'Never Be Able to…

Ahh, humanity: you never go a day without proving just how creatively awful you can be. The human (more of a monster, really) in question here is a university professor in Stockholm who recently sliced off his wife's lower lip as punishment for her requesting a divorce. Why? Well, as a prosecutor in the case… » 6/24/12 11:55pm 6/24/12 11:55pm

Wife, Mistress Fight Over Dead President

The former president of Venezuela has been dead six months, and his wife and mistress are still fighting over where to bury him. An added complicating factor: Hugo Chavez. » 5/26/11 2:05pm 5/26/11 2:05pm

Study Confirms Your Awful Suspicions About Men And Dating

"Scientists have discovered that men, when deciding on who to date, really do make a decision based on a woman's curvy body, not her face, let alone her wit or brains." And yes, it gets worse from there. » 9/15/10 11:30am 9/15/10 11:30am

Busy Bachelor Seeks Part-Time Wife

Sometimes a crap Craigslist ad drips with douchery aforethought — and sometimes the dude responsible just seems authentically, painfully clueless. The following missive from a currently wife-less "professional" falls into the latter camp. » 9/07/10 2:48pm 9/07/10 2:48pm

Why I (Don't) Want A Wife

Ever since Judy Syfers wrote "Why I Want a Wife" in 1971, people have been using the word "wife" to refer to non-spouses who perform traditional "wifely" chores, like cleaning. The latest culprit: a service called The Occasional Wife. » 6/23/09 7:20pm 6/23/09 7:20pm

When Robin Yassin-Kassab met his wife Rana in Syria, where half of the women wore the hijab, he thought she shared his liberal values because she did not cover her head. But five years into their marriage Rana decided to start wearing the hijab, against her husband's wishes. "What really bothered me was people… » 11/03/08 1:40pm 11/03/08 1:40pm

Skin-Lightening Creams Popular In Arab World • 14-Year-Old FLDS Leader…

Skin-lightening creams - already popular in East and South Asia - are finding a market in the Arab world » 8/20/08 5:30pm 8/20/08 5:30pm, where the commercials claim that darker skin is a hindrance any every aspect of a woman's life. • A new study from UC Davis claims that biracial Asian-Americans are to be diagnosed with psychological disorders as…

Oldies But (Not So) Goodies

"The things women have to put up with," begins this 1950 ad from Heinz. "Most husbands, nowadays, have stopped beating their wives, but what can be more agonizing to a sensitive soul than a man's boredom at meals. And yet, lady, there must be a reason. If your cooking and not your conversation is monotonous, that's… » 4/15/08 2:45pm 4/15/08 2:45pm