Did Katie Holmes Have a Secret Entrance to Whole Foods in Chelsea?

In the summer of 2012, shortly after she filed divorce papers to dissolve her marriage to Tom Cruise, the actress Katie Holmes moved into a Manhattan apartment complex called the Chelsea Mercantile. The prewar building has 354 units, a private garage, and, on the street level, a Whole Foods Market, where Holmes began… »3/27/15 10:59am3/27/15 10:59am

Apparently Whole Foods Has a TV Show Now, and It's Full of 'Artisanal'

I know that every time I go shopping at Whole Foods, I leave with a tear in my eye and the fervent wish that the fun didn't have to end. If only I could take all of the lumberjack hobbyists, armchair cheesemongers, and white couples who hate each other home with me and hang out with them in my living room! WELL GUESS… »1/24/14 10:00am1/24/14 10:00am

Katie Holmes Speaks Publicly for the First Time Since Filing for Divorce

Ever since she dropped the D-bomb on Tom Cruise last week, Katie Holmes has been popping up around New York City acting all smiley and casual. I guess that's what happens when one is giddy from freeing oneself from the overzealous grip of a couch-jumping megastar. Anyway, as much as we've seen her, we have not yet… »7/04/12 8:45pm7/04/12 8:45pm

Starbucks Marks the Opening of Its First Fancy Juice Bar With an Unfortunate Typo

We first learned about Starbucks's plan for World Juice Domination back in November when they purchased juice company Evolution Fresh. Now, lo these many months later, the first Evolution Fresh store has opened in Bellevue, Washington, and, well, it sort of looks like what you'd get if a Whole Foods and a Starbucks… »3/19/12 9:00pm3/19/12 9:00pm