What Awkward Horror Greeted the Virgin in The Bachelor's Fantasy Suite?

On Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, we went to the Fantasy Suite. This episode is always endlessly hyped but is always endlessly disappointing: it's not like you actually see anyone have sex or have deep conversations. At bare minimum there's some vague chatter and some kissing; at most there's some heavy… »2/24/15 12:30pm2/24/15 12:30pm


Sparkle, Shine, and Couples' Pantsuits at Lifetime's Whitney Premiere

Lifetime's Whitney Houston biopic airs January 17, and marks the directing debut of acting god and life idol Angela Bassett. Last night in Los Angeles, the director, cast, and friends gathered together for its premiere (including Yaya Dacosta, above, who plays Whitney), and for the most part looked damn good doing it. »1/07/15 3:45pm1/07/15 3:45pm

While you're crying with happiness over Parks and Rec getting renewed, please note that NBC has canc

While you're crying with happiness over Parks and Rec getting renewed, please note that NBC has cancelled Whitney, as well as 1600 Penn, Guys with Kids and the once-really-really-good-but-has-been-doomed-for-awhile Up All Night. A motley crew of sitcoms if there ever was one... »5/09/13 6:49pm5/09/13 6:49pm

Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson in the Running for Whitney Houston Biopic

Music mogul Clive Davis, Whitney Houston's mentor, is said to be spearheading a film about the late singer's life. Those on the short list to play the superstar—at different points in her life—are Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Willow Smith, and Vivica A. Fox. However Rihanna recently turned down a remake of The Bodyguard »2/28/12 5:00pm2/28/12 5:00pm

Whitney Debuts With Forced Laughter & Possible Rape Joke

NBC has been heavily promoting Whitney Cummings' new sitcom, Whitney, and last night we got to see what all the hubbub was about. The show centers around Whitney and her boyfriend Alex. They've have been together three years, but Whitney is not interested in getting married because there's been so much divorce in… »9/23/11 2:10pm9/23/11 2:10pm

Whitney Cummings Interview Wins Stereotype Bingo

If the ads promoting Whitney Cummings's eponymous new sitcom are in any way indicative of the quality of the show itself, it will be at best mildly irritating and at worst a parody inviting but dismaying indicator of a lack of creativity in television, a harbinger of a new Dark Age in scriptwriting. An indicator that… »9/18/11 12:30pm9/18/11 12:30pm