This Shirtless Mountain Dew Motherfucker Is the Living Embodiment of Trump-Inspired White Supremacy

You’re looking at the face of resurgent mainstream white hatred in the United States—it listens to Slipknot*, daydreams about appearing on an MMA-based reality competition show, smells like cocktail made of Mountain Dew, cough syrup, and creatine, and thinks anyone who appears to be Mexican should “BUILD THAT FUCKIN’…


Trump Is Succeeding Because of How Badly White Americans Want Their Supremacy Back 

“How is this happening,” we think, watching Trump go from joke to threat, with the momentum of a natural disaster, as he lies and blusters and calls for bans and deportations and holds rallies that are like ‘90s wrestling matches except much, much worse. Jamelle Bouie at Slate makes a strong, clear argument that the…


MTV's White People Documentary Preaches to a Different But Open Choir

On Tuesday, MTV aired a documentary called White People aimed to tackle what it means to be white, or rather a millennial white person in 2015. But what the film really did was explain whiteness as a racial and beneficial construct called white privilege, to those who probably don’t like to admit they’re enjoying it.