Taylor Swift Awesomely Got Bored Of Tim Tebow In Five Seconds And Might Be Dating Mark Foster Now

Country-crossover-singer-songwriter and America's unicorn Taylor Swift very likely touched footballer and rumored Te-beau Tim Tebow's Te-boner last month, but he was too busy being a virgin (or maybe being a virgin in the company of Dianna Agron) to hold her interest. She may have moved on with Mark Foster, lead… »5/19/12 11:30am5/19/12 11:30am

Whose Baby Bump Is Least Convincing in the What to Expect Posters?

The posters for What to Expect When You're Expecting have been released, and since it's not set to hit theaters until May, we have four months to be hypnotized by the Styrofoam lumps they shoved under the stars' shirts. »1/26/12 3:45pm1/26/12 3:45pm

While Brooklyn Decker's is probably the funniest, Anna Kendrick's is the saddest. Everyone else…

The What To Expect When You're Expecting Trailer, In Which Pregnancy Sucks

Usually, when a movie is based on a best-selling book, that book is not an instruction manual. But Hollywood is full of wacky ideas, and the new flick What To Expect When You're Expecting is one of them. Like Love, Actually, Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, the story follows a large, ensemble cast, but this time,… »12/09/11 12:05pm12/09/11 12:05pm

What Should Jezebels Really Expect After They're Expecting: Sex Edition

There's an article in Psychology Today about the after-effects of different kinds of birth on the ol' vagina. And guys, it is bleak. (Think the Psych Today editors were inspired by that Elle article last month on sex after giving birth?) Three months after a C-section, 55% of women reported sexual dissatisfaction.… »6/26/08 4:00pm6/26/08 4:00pm

What Should Jezebels Really Expect When They're Expecting?

There are so many dirty little secrets about giving birth that don't get shown on the silver screen. I still remember the combination of revulsion and awe I felt when I discovered that many women shit themselves during labor. Revulsion because, ew. Awe because of the wondrous inner workings of the female body! What To… »3/18/08 4:00pm3/18/08 4:00pm