How to Tell the Difference Between a Hot Take and a Good Idea

The internet is a reliable source of nothing so much as simultaneous self-aggrandizement and humiliation, and the latest entry in the struggle saga has been generously provided by BuzzFeed. Yesterday, the respected hub for longform journalism drew some withering skepticism from our sibling GMO-shilling chocolate blog,… »4/10/15 5:30pm4/10/15 5:30pm

We Have Some Questions About This Boy Band of Triplets

This morning I woke up to a tweet from an account called Tx3. Nobody I knew. Probably nothing interesting. "We'd really appreciate if you would Check our cover song!" they wrote. "Retweet!! :) Thanks so much!" I usually ignore self-promotional spam, but for some reason—some spontaneous, fortuitous reason—I clicked… »3/28/14 3:45pm3/28/14 3:45pm

Is It Actually Harder For Girls To Get Off During Oral Sex Than Regular Sex?

News that may fail to shock: When college kids hook up, the dude is about three times as likely to get off. But here's the rub: a new study of students at four state schools says the "orgasm gap" is even wider when the "hook up" denotes oral sex. So like, there are shitloads of dudes out there right now diving into… »11/07/07 2:30pm11/07/07 2:30pm