Fine Dining in the Land of Fire and Ice

I’ve never been an adventurous eater. For example, the most daring I’ve ever gotten with seafood is tuna from a can, and even then I drowned it in mayonnaise (like a true American). So when I decided to go on a solo trip to Iceland, I made a concerted effort to include the local cuisine in my diet, because what is… »6/29/15 3:50pm6/29/15 3:50pm

These Scientist Nerds Freaking Out Over a Sperm Whale Are the Cutest

Look, it’s the most rare thing: pure human wonder, expressed by adults, in a respectable setting. Via BoingBoing, here is a video capturing the reaction of a handful of scientists on board the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, whose remote operation vehicle has descended to nearly 2,000 feet under the sea near the coast… »4/16/15 4:00pm4/16/15 4:00pm

Killer Whales Go Through Menopause, But Do They Get Hot Flashes?

Killer whales are one of only three species on the planet to experience menopause, and scientists believe the evolutionary trait is a result of whales' "unusual social structure," in which their adult children never really leave them. (On a side note: what the fuck is day two of a whale period like?) »10/17/13 11:50am10/17/13 11:50am

Vancouver Women Complains That Museum’s ‘Whale Bone Porn’ Is Tickling Too Many Moby Dicks

A woman from Vancouver named Ann Pimentel has mounted a minor (and belated) modesty crusade against the Vancouver Maritime Museum's 19th century scrimshaw exhibit. Pimentel is worried that the exhibit will somehow damage her young children more than her aggressive sense of decorum, and she is demanding that the VMM… »3/24/13 5:00pm3/24/13 5:00pm

Man and His Dog Find Ambergris, Which We Must All Remember Is Not the Same as Whale Turds

Ambergris, that versatile sperm whale excretion that Herman Melville wrote so prodigiously about when the ocean was just a Dave & Buster's for murdering sperm whales, can be a pretty valuable beachcombing find, way more valuable than a mostly intact conch shell, horseshoe crab, or buffalo nickel. Just ask unemployed… »2/02/13 1:30pm2/02/13 1:30pm

Male Killer Whales Are the Biggest Mama’s Boys of the Animal Kingdom

There are only a few lucky species of animals that experience the hormonal scrapple that comes with menopause. Humans, for example, experience menopause so that mothers-in-law don't spew too much vitriol on the temptresses that have bewitched their baby boys. And to conserve resources or whatever. Killer whales, on… »9/14/12 1:10pm9/14/12 1:10pm