Failing retail store Wet Seal has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, following speculation of its impending death, multiple store closings and employee protests in recent weeks. » 1/16/15 3:10pm 1/16/15 3:10pm

The Wet Seal Employees Who Protested Lay-Offs All Got Fired

Remember those employees who posted a giant protest sign in the window of a Wet Seal in Seattle? They've been fired. So much for activism. » 1/07/15 12:45pm 1/07/15 12:45pm

Wet Seal Employees Say Fuck Wet Seal With Giant Sign On Store

Amid news that Wet Seal might soon go bankrupt, one store's employees are rebelling against shitty management. According to this Reddit-posted photo of a sign from a Seattle location, workers are protesting unfair conditions, including missing paychecks. » 1/05/15 1:30pm 1/05/15 1:30pm

Wet Seal May Follow Delia's to the Defunct '90s Brand Cemetery

Wet Seal, bastion of shitty club clothes and mall culture, the Forever 21 of our day, may be headed for bankruptcy. If so, we hereby decree that it be buried next to the tomb of Delia's. » 12/22/14 1:30pm 12/22/14 1:30pm

Wet Seal's Attempt to Be a Better Version of Itself Isn't Paying Off

Has Wet Seal, the store you likely shopped at in middle school and then forgot about, become a secretly legit company? Or is it just another clothing monstrosity with a mixed history? » 12/12/13 1:50pm 12/12/13 1:50pm

Wet Seal Continues to Flounder, Fires CEO

In what seems like a desperate move to switch things up in the midst of a racial discrimination lawsuit and plummeting finances, Wet Seal has fired its relatively new CEO without a replacement in mind. But is the company worth saving at all? » 7/23/12 12:35pm 7/23/12 12:35pm

Federal Lawsuit Alleges that Wet Seal Had a Shitty Policy of ‘Top-Down’…

If you were once a teenager and a girl, simultaneously, and, during that awkward/carefree/angst-ridden confluence of age and sex, often took constitutionals around your local concrete-octopus of a mall, odds are you're familiar with the retailer Wet Seal. What you may not know, however, is that, according to a new… » 7/12/12 10:30pm 7/12/12 10:30pm

Ladies, Tom Ford Would Do You Too

Wet Seal's "Your Single" Shirt Makes Illiteracy Sexy

Everyone makes a typo from time to time, but according to a Redditor, Wet Seal demanded this shirt go on sale even after an employee pointed out the error. Maybe we should just be happy it doesn't say "UR." » 1/24/11 6:31pm 1/24/11 6:31pm

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