Banana Joe, an Affenpinscher, Is Westminster Kennel Club's Best in Show

Last night, while the rest of you were tuning into the State of the Union address, Banana Joe, an affenpinscher, was winning Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The six other finalists (read: losers) were a Portuguese water dog named Matisse, a bichon frisé named Honor, an American foxhound named… »2/13/13 9:40am2/13/13 9:40am

Westminster Dog Show Loosens Its Collar, Lets in Two New Breeds

Sure, the Oscars and the Super Bowl are just around the corner, but don't let that overshadow the year's two most adorable competitions — the Puppy Bowl and the more stuffy Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. While the Puppy Bowl has already announced its lineup (and, oh, what a lineup it is), little change has been… »1/29/13 1:00pm1/29/13 1:00pm

Martha Stewart's Dog Has a Higher Standard of Living Than Most Human Children

Like many convicted felons, Martha Stewart has a big guard-type dog that she takes everywhere with her. Unlike many felons' dogs, Martha's canine familiar is a Chow Chow named Genghis Khan, and on Monday, he won Best in Breed at Westminster. So what's Genghis Khan-Stewart's life like when he's not winning awards?… »2/15/12 4:10pm2/15/12 4:10pm