Wesleyan Fraternity DKE Files Lawsuit Over Being Forced to Go Co-Ed

The Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Wesleyan University announced Thursday that they're filing a lawsuit against the school for forcing them to become co-educational. Wesleyan ruled in September that all campus fraternities must start admitting women; a press release from DKE accuses the school of "stamp[ing] out… »2/19/15 5:50pm2/19/15 5:50pm


Joss Whedon Reminds You Kindly That Peace is Not the Same as Happiness

For everyone who had the first black ringmaster of Barnum and Bailey circus as their commencement speaker the year that their friend's school got Conan O'Brien, or went to a college that adamantly refused to pay for interesting people to come so they were stuck long-winded self-involved speeches from professors at… »5/28/13 5:20pm5/28/13 5:20pm