Wesleyan Student Government Retaliates for Dumb Op-Ed By Dramatically Slashing Newspaper Funding

Back in September, Wesleyan’s 147-year-old student newspaper the Argus published an op-ed criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement. The article, written by a sophomore, featured lines like “It is plausible that Black Lives Matter has created the conditions for [rioters] to exploit for their own personal gain.” It… »10/19/15 10:00am10/19/15 10:00am


Desperate College Dean Warns Parents of the Dangers of Franzia

"Tour de Franzia" is a famed wine-chugging extravaganza celebrated at college campuses across the country; you may recall the name of the event from the great butt-chugging incident of 2012. Wesleyan University's administration has tried its best over the past few years to police what campus blog Wesleying calls a… »4/18/13 3:45pm4/18/13 3:45pm

Women's Colleges Promote Sweatpants & Poor Tampon Hygiene, Says Wesleyan Student

As a graduate of Wellesley College, I thought going to a women's college was about receiving an excellent education at an institution that's mission is to promote gender equality. Now a Wesleyan undergrad has opened my eyes to the horrors of single-sex education. How could I have failed to notice my fellow students… »10/18/11 10:33pm10/18/11 10:33pm