Wes Anderson Rarely Casts People of Color, So Whoopi Gave Him A Résumé

While promoting their new film on The View today, Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott found themselves in the middle of a job interview. Near the end of their segment, co-host Whoopi Goldberg turned the conversation to Wes Anderson. After complimenting Anderson’s films—many of which Schwartzman has starred in—she handed… »6/19/15 1:50pm6/19/15 1:50pm

Here's What Would Happen If Wes Anderson Directed a Porno

First, you know that if this were a real thing it would come in three editions (including a Criterion Collection boxed set) and all of us would at least be downloading part of the soundtrack. Second, this video is pretty spot-on with what a Wes Anderson-helmed porno would look like. Sad and whimsical and full of… »5/04/14 11:34pm5/04/14 11:34pm

What Would a Wes Anderson Slasher Movie Look Like? Totally Charming

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders may never become a feature-length horror movie, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't become a feature-length horror movie. In fact, Wes Anderson should only be allowed to direct horror movie remakes for the next ten years, just as cosmic reimbursement for living in his… »10/27/13 11:45am10/27/13 11:45am

If Only These Super Short Prada Candy Ads Directed by Wes Anderson Were Longer!

These short films — actually created by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, together — are for Prada's Candy L'Eau fragrance. Though each spot is super short — only 12 seconds! — there is a narrative: Léa Seydoux plays "Candy," who is seeing two men (brothers?) at once. The threesome is inspired by Jules et Jim, Seydoux… »3/25/13 4:40pm3/25/13 4:40pm

Sorry, Tim Burton: Johnny Depp Is Moving On to Director Wes Anderson

Johnny Depp, star of Edward Scissorhands, Cry Baby and various ugly hats has recently signed on to star in the newest Wes Anderson venture The Grand Budapest Hotel. Few details have been released about the film, but it's likely that you can expect beautiful colors, sullen rich white people and, ideally, Bill Murray. »7/17/12 11:40am7/17/12 11:40am

Moonrise Kingdom Looks Typically Wes Anderson, Typically Awesome

Here's the trailer for the newest Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom, featuring fan favorites Bill Murray, Francis McDormand and Jason Schwartzman. People love to dismiss Wes Anderson movies as being overly hipster or "twee," but isn't that often just another way of saying that they're fun, weird and stylish? I… »1/12/12 6:50pm1/12/12 6:50pm