Wentworth Miller Opens Up About His Suicide Attempts as a Gay Teen

The Prison Break star — who recently came out in a moving letter to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival — spoke at a Human Rights Campaign dinner in Seattle on Saturday about the torment he experienced growing up. Heartbreaking, powerful stuff. » 9/08/13 10:00pm 9/08/13 10:00pm

Prison Break's Wentworth Miller Comes Out in Powerful Letter

Prison Break's Wentworth Miller wrote openly about his sexual orientation in a letter to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival, explaining that, as a gay man, he didn't feel comfortable supporting (via his presence and profile) the violently anti-gay Russian government. The text of the letter is below. » 8/21/13 8:15pm 8/21/13 8:15pm

Woman Tattoos Her One Night Stand • Today's Ann Curry To Interview…

• A British man is pressing charges against a awoman after waking up after a one night stand with home-carved tattoos. Wayne Robinson said: "I look like something out of 'Prison Break.'" • » 2/05/09 5:40pm 2/05/09 5:40pm

Loose Lips

Lily Allen can stick her entire fist in her mouth! This is gives new meaning to "loose lips." • Apparently the hospital in which J. Lo is planning to give birth is staging "pink drills" — aka drills to prevent baby-napping — perhaps in preparation for the diva's arrival? • Here are fifteen pictures of Wentworth Miller. » 2/13/08 5:50pm 2/13/08 5:50pm

Reader Roundup

Best Comment of the Day, in response to Dentata Drama: "When trying to explain it to my boyfriend, he asks, 'So wait, the vagina talks about abstinence to kids?'" We say: Teeth make one hell of a chastity belt. • Worst, in response to Wentworth Miller Leaves The Prison Stripes To Ladyfriend: "As soon as I saw those… » 1/14/08 4:40pm 1/14/08 4:40pm

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