Probably-Fake Burlington Coat Factory Twitter Feed is a Damn Treasure

Burlington Coat Factory: they're more than great coats. They're also the namesake of an incredible — albeit probably fake — Twitter feed that's one-third Google Translate misfire, one-third crotchety shopkeeper, one-third corporate Twitter parody, 100% awesome. » 9/18/13 2:20pm 9/18/13 2:20pm

The 42 Biggest News Events of 2012, as Experienced through Dr. Ruth's…

"I'll use any excuse to teach new positions & give advice," tweeted the popular sexpert and Holocaust survivor Dr. Ruth Westheimer earlier this year. And so it was: when she wasn't tweeting about queefs, the rhythm method, the amount of sperm in precum or encouraging men to paint their pensies to coordinate with the… » 12/26/12 5:15pm 12/26/12 5:15pm