Anthony Weiner Sexting Partner Releases Highly-Necessary Humiliating Memoir

Since Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress in June, he's devoted himself to spending time with his pregnant wife, or at least making sure they're photographed together to prove she hasn't dumped him yet. But now, one of his sexting partners has decided the scandal is far from over, because she still has a few texts… »10/11/11 10:03pm10/11/11 10:03pm

For An Extra $10, Your Anthony Weiner Doll Can Have A Dong is always ready to cash in on our latest pop culture obsession with a tasteless action figure, but this time the company may have gone too far. The Anthony Weiner figure comes in two versions, a $40 "standard" version, or the $50 adults-only "Weiner Weiner Doll." The company's president reports, "No… »6/15/11 10:14am6/15/11 10:14am