Science Proves That Thinness Is Deadlier Than Obesity

Evidence is mounting that being overweight isn't as detrimental to one's health as previously believed. In fact, numerous studies conducted on patients with certain chronic diseases found that those who were overweight to moderately obese had a lower mortality rate than those of normal-weight suffering from the same… » 9/18/12 11:40am 9/18/12 11:40am

Dethroned "Fat" Beauty Queen Loses Fight For Title

Domonique Ramirez, the Texas teen beauty queen who says she lost her crown for putting on weight, has failed in her attempt to retain the crown until the case is adjudicated; runner-up Ashley Dixon has won the right to hold the Miss San Antonio title. Ramirez claims she was told to "get off the tacos" and lose 13… » 2/24/11 1:02pm 2/24/11 1:02pm