Yoga Isn't 'For Ladies' and Weights Aren't 'For Men'

Women make up slightly less than half of the NFL's fanbase. They're going to college in larger numbers than men. They're the Senators grabbing the legislative branch by the collar and dragging the country away from fiscal precipice. And yet! it's still weird for us when we try to use the weight room at a new gym.… »10/24/13 11:04am10/24/13 11:04am


10 Tips For Introducing Yourself to the Weight Room

The last time I was in the weight room at my local gym, I was one of only a few girls in a sea of grunting, sweaty men. There were plenty of girls in the gym itself, toiling away on the ellipticals or doing tiny crunches on yoga mats or puttering out 1,000 reps with a two pound weight in an attempt to spot-tone their… »9/11/11 3:39pm9/11/11 3:39pm