Former Yo-Yo Dieter Oprah Winfrey Bought a Piece of Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has gotten a new backer who happens to be one of the biggest media names in the world: Oprah Winfrey. The OWN channel owner has purchased a 10 percent stake in the diet company and added her name to their board. Because counting calories is part of how you’re going to live your best life. »10/19/15 3:10pm10/19/15 3:10pm


Seems Investors See Weight Watchers as a 'Before,' Not an 'After'

2015 is supposed to be a rebuilding year for Weight Watchers—the company is working its way through a refresh complete with new commercials and a revamped magazine featuring "beautifully prepared but not-so-perfect foods." But judging from their stock in the last couple of days, investors aren't biting. »1/02/15 7:10pm1/02/15 7:10pm

Jennifer Hudson Looks Fab and 'Feels So Good It Hurts' in New Video

"I Just Can't Describe" is the new track from Jennifer Hudson, and in the video, she shows off her fit-as-hell post-Weight-Watchers body by rocking bustiers, bra-tops and a swimsuit. Also, her short hairdo is on point. The song has a throwback vibe — super reminiscent of the Mary Jane Girls classic "In My House." Dig… »1/24/14 1:30pm1/24/14 1:30pm

Is Kim Kardashian Close to Striking a Deal with Weight Watchers?

All of those unflattering maternity outfits and shitty tabloid stories about her pregnant body might be paying off—literally. Kim Kardashian has reportedly been made an offer by Weight Watchers to be its next celebrity spokesperson. You didn't think she would lose the baby weight for free, did you? »5/28/13 2:40pm5/28/13 2:40pm

Weight Watcher's Female Leaders Are Devoted, Underpaid

Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson make millions appearing as their whittled-down selves in Weight Watchers advertisements, but hundreds of the weight-loss program's real champions — the meeting leaders who help recruit and retain members and run the nearly 50,000 face-to-face meetings the company holds each week… »2/26/13 10:00am2/26/13 10:00am

K-Fed's Brother Calls Britney a 'Maniac' and Says He's the 'True Father' of Sean Preston

Oh, these kooks! I missed them so much! Having Britney/K-Fed drama back in my news feed isn't quite as magical as Britney/Justin/double-denim formal-wear drama, but it's still like a warm, cozy tongue kiss from the Holy Spirit or whatever. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! And this shit is particularly good. K-Fed's brother Christopher… »12/26/12 8:00pm12/26/12 8:00pm

Weight Watchers Probably Won't Help You Lose Tons of Weight, So Maybe Stop Dieting?

Weight Watchers is an institution. For almost five decades, it's been seen as the sane alternative to the dump truck of more intense dieting programs that surround us. Unlike incredibly restrictive programs such as Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, which include their own chemical-death meals in Lilliputian portions, or… »12/04/12 1:15pm12/04/12 1:15pm

What Your Frozen Diet Dinners Really Look Like (Hint: Disgusting)

Frozen diet meals cater to that particular — and vast — demographic of people who are at once lazy and calorie-conscious. Like some of us here. Despite common sense, we believe that we're popping a healthy and satisfying dinner in the microwave; the box show us so! That dinner looks so delicious, so fresh, doesn't it?… »1/31/12 3:00pm1/31/12 3:00pm

Charles Barkley Reveals His Weight Watchers Gig is a 'Scam'

If you take the number of celebrity endorsement deals and multiply it by the amount of time stars have a microphone strapped to them, that should equal dozens of PR disasters "caught on camera." Either most celebrities truly are loyal to the products they promote (unlikely) or they all live in fear of scandalous… »1/08/12 8:13pm1/08/12 8:13pm

Jennifer Hudson Sings A Duet With Her Heavier Self In Weird Weight Watchers Ad

If you've ever wondered what it would look like to see a person sing a duet with themselves, here you go. Watch as Weight Watchers spokesperson Jennifer Hudson sings a duet with her former, weightier self for one of the company's new ads. Through the magic of technology, Skinnier Jennifer and Heavier Jennifer belt… »12/27/11 6:00pm12/27/11 6:00pm

What Happens When A Celebrity Diet Spokesperson Doesn't Lose Weight?

Hiring a celebrity spokesperson can be a boon for weight loss companies since they don't even have to pay entertainment magazines and websites to run their "before and after" photos. However, hiring celebrities is also a big risk for diet programs, because like all humans, they're likely to gain the weight back — and… »8/04/11 7:45pm8/04/11 7:45pm

Did Google Reject Job Applicants Because They're Fat?

A New York City woman — let's call her Ms. G, because she signed a non-disclosure agreement — went to Google's local offices to take a test for an administrative position. She'd already had a phone interview, and now there was a test. Afterwards, at lunch, Ms. G says seven of the roughly 20 people there were politely… »6/23/11 2:30pm6/23/11 2:30pm

Meet The North American Obeast, A Reclusive & Endangered Species

"People aren't too fond of 'em, but I think there's actually something quite endearing about them," says scientist Stanley Keen of the endangered mammal called the Obeast. In a video clip, Keen and a colleague track and shoot an Obeast with a tranquilizer gun, so that we may learn more about these reclusive creatures. »6/01/11 3:37pm6/01/11 3:37pm