Tasteless Newlyweds Send No-Show Wedding Guests a $75 Bill

It’s no secret that weddings now often cost more than a French chateau, so it’s understandable that some newlyweds would be annoyed by guests canceling at the last minute. No matter how upset a bride and groom are, however, there’s absolutely no excuse to send absent guests a bill for their dinner. But apparently no… »9/30/15 12:45pmWednesday 12:45pm

World's Worst Wedding Guest Publishes Bitchy Live Blog of Subpar Nuptials

Not everyone’s going to love your wedding, but most people have the decency to bad-mouth your ugly flowers, ugly dress, or horrible food politely behind your back, from the safety of their own homes. The internet makes that so difficult, though, especially if you’re a popular beauty blogger who has to produce for her… »9/29/15 2:10pmTuesday 2:10pm

'She Told Me I Was Beautiful': A Chat with the Horse From Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' Video

Because they told me several hours into a house party, I can’t remember exactly how I found out two of my best friends from Peace Corps were engaged to each other—but in my mind, now, it sounds like, “I have news. We’re getting married. And the horse at our wedding is going to be the same horse as Taylor Swift’s.” »9/28/15 12:00pmMonday 12:00pm

Watch This Assertive Little Flower Girl School Her Dad on How Weddings Are Done

Here’s the number one rule at the wedding JoJo is running for her dad: You can’t call her name when she’s walking down the aisle. No, you can’t even call her “princess.” Why? Because she’s going to be busy walking down the aisle and they’re not going to think you’re a good dad. Don’t you know anything?
»9/21/15 2:50pm9/21/15 2:50pm

Everything I Personally Know About Allison Williams's Wedding, As a Wyoming Native

On Saturday, Girls actor Allison Williams married College Humor founder Ricky Van Veen in an idyllic ranch ceremony in Saratoga, Wyoming. I was not invited for some reason, but as a native of Wyoming, I can tell you some things about her wedding without having actually attended the ceremony. »9/21/15 10:15am9/21/15 10:15am

Angry Bride: How Do I Confront a Bridesmaid Who Didn't Give a Gift?

Being in someone’s wedding is a special privilege. It’s also often a ton of work and includes paying more money than one expected for clothes, bachelorette parties, and other assorted wedding activities. And it’s also frequently time-consuming and an emotional commitment (especially if the bride becomes difficult)… »8/14/15 1:10pm8/14/15 1:10pm

Hillary Attended Donald Trump's Wedding, But, Like, Ironically

During the first GOP debate, which doubled as the first of the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse, Donald Trump bragged about throwing enough money at Hillary Clinton to compel her to forcibly attend his 2005 wedding to third and current wife Melania. Clinton now says that she did go, but like, as a joke. Because she… »8/11/15 11:02am8/11/15 11:02am

Chickens and Supreme Leader: What Weddings Look Like In North Korea

In a series on life inside North Korea, NK News has been asking defectors about the customs and traditions they observed before they fled the country. This week, the questions were all about weddings, receptions, and honeymoons. It’s all predictably grim, but also fascinating. And, if you hate bouquet tosses, the good… »8/03/15 1:15pm8/03/15 1:15pm

Marriage Means Accepting That It's Sometimes Gonna Suck

If you’re engaged or soon to be married, you’re already deep in the receiving line for a slew of advice about throwing all in, sticking it out, never giving up, etc. Some of this advice will be good and some will be bad; the only thing you can know for sure is that the advice will be wholly indicative of the giver’s… »7/23/15 3:00pm7/23/15 3:00pm