Say Yes to the Engagement Photos: A Breakthrough, Courtesy of My Wedding Photographer

Is there any reason to want engagement photos? Of course not, say the newly engaged, and the unengaged, and me, once upon a time. What is the overall point, for starters? To show off that you and him can stand on a rock? To show off your pink polyester blouse? To show off that your ring can go onto the stem of a leaf?…

Here's What a Simple $31 Million Wedding Looks Like

Angelababy (née Angela Yeung) is a popular Chinese actress, singer, and model who’s been referred to as the country’s answer to Kim Kardashian. But unlike Kim Kardashian, with her thrifty $12 million wedding with Kanye West, Angelababy doesn’t operate on the cheap: She shelled out $31 million for her recent nuptials.


Tasteless Newlyweds Send No-Show Wedding Guests a $75 Bill

It’s no secret that weddings now often cost more than a French chateau, so it’s understandable that some newlyweds would be annoyed by guests canceling at the last minute. No matter how upset a bride and groom are, however, there’s absolutely no excuse to send absent guests a bill for their dinner. But apparently no…

World's Worst Wedding Guest Publishes Bitchy Live Blog of Subpar Nuptials

Not everyone’s going to love your wedding, but most people have the decency to bad-mouth your ugly flowers, ugly dress, or horrible food politely behind your back, from the safety of their own homes. The internet makes that so difficult, though, especially if you’re a popular beauty blogger who has to produce for her…