In Case You Missed It, the Mother of All Fashion Weddings Took Place This Weekend  

Giovanna Battaglia, a contributing editor at W and a senior fashion editor at Vogue Japan, is exactly the sort of mildly terrifying creature you might picture when you hear the term “fashion person.” The living embodiment of a Dolce & Gabbana fever dream, Battaglia is a former model who looks like a cross between…


I'm Getting Married, And I Don't Know What My Name Will Be

Shortly after I got engaged a coworker told me a story about a friend of his. Or maybe it was a friend of a friend, or a cousin, or an allegory. Point is, there was this lady and she was marrying a man with the same last name as hers. While it’s somewhat common and even encouraged in other cultures, the story was a…

Rayna and Deacon Finally Got Married on Nashville (But He Definitely Tried to Ruin It)

On Wednesday, Rayna and Deacon finally got married—but not before the groom and the rest of the family almost ruined it all, because that’s the way of the heart-wrenching nighttime soap called Nashville. So how many ways was the #Nashvillewedding nearly cancelled? Let’s look back and commiserate, shall we?