Angry Bride: How Do I Confront a Bridesmaid Who Didn't Give a Gift?

Being in someone’s wedding is a special privilege. It’s also often a ton of work and includes paying more money than one expected for clothes, bachelorette parties, and other assorted wedding activities. And it’s also frequently time-consuming and an emotional commitment (especially if the bride becomes difficult)… »8/14/15 1:10pm8/14/15 1:10pm

Busy Brides On the Go Can Now Demand Gifts Via Apple Watch

It’s only been a few days since the Apple Watch was released, but there’s already an app designed to make life easier for couples putting together their registry. Meet Zola, an exciting new way to ask your friends and family for that set of candlesticks you’ve always wanted or those 14k gold plates everyone’s just… »4/28/15 10:34pm4/28/15 10:34pm

Worst Bride Ever Throws Facebook Fit Over $100 Cash Wedding Gift

Weddings are such complicated business. Entitled people want cash, not gifts! Or, as this terrible Facebook message from a bride/horrible mean person demonstrates, sometimes people (perplexingly) do not want cash. Or at least, they do not want a paltry amount of cash. Like $100. $100 is not enough for some people. »7/03/13 4:40pm7/03/13 4:40pm