Bride Destroys Wedding Dress After Groom Dumps Her Via Text

During the week of her wedding, Kilee Manulak’s fiancé cowardly dumped her through a text message. After a few days of grieving, the Florida woman decided to get rid of her wedding dress in a unique way. She did not sell it on eBay, nor did she fill it up with cockroaches and Fedex it to her ex’s workplace. Instead,… »11/20/15 11:20am11/20/15 11:20am


It's Not So Easy to Say Yes to the Dress

If you were to ask me about my dress shopping right when I’d started the process, I’d probably gush all over your face about the incredible power of seeing oneself as wholly beautiful for the first time, the unprecedented bonding opportunity between mother and daughter that is picking out the latter’s first-ever… »9/14/15 1:30pm9/14/15 1:30pm

The Wedding Gowns I Didn't Want, and What I Learned From Them

Over the course of three short days last week, my mother and I went shopping for dresses, both hers and mine. It was my first crack at it, and we trotted around Manhattan and Brooklyn at a fever pitch: five appointments for me, four hours spent looking for a dress for her, and countless moments spent in the throes of… »8/07/15 3:30pm8/07/15 3:30pm

A Century of Royal Wedding Gowns in One Handy Graphic

On Saturday, June 13th, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden will marry Sofia Hellqvist in a lavish ceremony to be remembered for the ages (because if there’s one thing we know about Swedes, it’s that they like to party and also Ace of Base). What better way to celebrate than by looking at the beautiful dresses all of us… »6/14/15 11:15am6/14/15 11:15am

Five Wedding Dresses I Want But Cannot Have

Before I met my fiancé, I believed that true love existed in clothes and not much else. A silk blouse that flowed softly like a nice dinner date, a floral sundress that swung at the hips like the prom dance I never had, a pair of tight little shorts that hugged my butt hot as sex—I hunted these things, but not love. »6/12/15 6:30pm6/12/15 6:30pm

Two Bridal Designers Are Here and Taking Your Same-Sex Wedding Questions

It’s LGBT Pride Month, and we’re so excited to have wedding dress designer Kpoene’ Kofi-Nicklin, the Creative Director of Mignonette Bridal, back to answer any and all questions you have about same-sex weddings. This time, Kpoene’ has asked her friends and colleagues Cindy Savage and Julia Zayas-Melendez, of Crafty… »6/08/15 2:01pm6/08/15 2:01pm

Who Would Even Wear These Wedding Gowns?: A Taxonomy of Brides


Far more fun than gawking at the gowns for bridal fashion week is imagining what kind of person would wear them. Shows like Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress have magnified our curiosity in bridal archetypes, and the very specific, very crucial ways a bridal gown reflects its wearer. If your personal style is the… »4/29/15 11:50am4/29/15 11:50am

A Bridal Consultant Is Here to Answer Your Burning Questions

Kpoene’ Kofi-Nicklin is the Creative Director of Mignonette Bridal, which was named a Finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards (Marthaaaaaaaa). Kpoene’ also serves as a design mentor for the Chicago History Museum’s FashioNext teen design program. She’ll be joining us today for a live chat to answer all the… »4/27/15 2:18pm4/27/15 2:18pm

These Are The Assholes Who Ruined Your Wedding Dress Shopping

I really should have known better. My own wedding dress shopping experience was an excruciating nightmare — why I thought that culling through nearly 700 comments on the subject of wedding dress shopping horror stories was a thing I should do is utterly beyond me. I cried, you guys. I actually literally cried… »1/29/15 3:00pm1/29/15 3:00pm

All It Takes Is One Shitty Person to Ruin Wedding Dress Shopping

Welcome to Pop The Question, a weekly space to dissect every aspect of wedding madness. Each Tuesday, we'll ask a question (sometimes there might even be a poll!), you'll share answers and stories, and then we'll bring you the best of the bunch on Thursdays. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fly into a total rage over… »1/27/15 2:40pm1/27/15 2:40pm

Half the Brides You Know Are About to Buy a Short Wedding Dress

Because there are only so many ways you can reinterpret the basic white ballgown and we've tried 'em all in the three decades since Princess Di got married, short dresses are becoming the latest and greatest wedding trend. My God, it's a historic first! A wedding trend that actually saves you time, money and energy! »12/02/14 3:00pm12/02/14 3:00pm

For the Bride Who Has Everything, a 400-Pound Wedding Dress

Not too long ago, we delved into the tragicomic stagecraft of purchasing one's wedding dress, an emotional hunt that can potentially drag on for week after angsty week. But for the bride-to-be who's still spelunking through salons to no avail, great news: a "visionary artist and designer and bead sculptor" has created… »11/24/14 3:48pm11/24/14 3:48pm

The Exquisite Hell of Shopping for a Wedding Dress

The dress. Oh, sweet Jesus, the dress. For some brides, it's no big deal. It's just a dress. For others, it's the most important fashion moment of their lives. Either way, the process of finding your wedding gown sucks pomander balls. If your dress quest was super chill and easy, I'm happy to hear that — but this… »11/07/14 3:50pm11/07/14 3:50pm

Is Wedding-Drunk America Ready for Rented Bridal Gowns?

Women once married in their finest—then wore the dress as their Sunday best for several years afterward. But styles have changed so drastically in the last 20 years that most brides won't even wear their mom's wedding gown. Plus, they cost a fortune. Consequently, it appears America may be ready to embrace the rented… »7/29/14 6:15pm7/29/14 6:15pm

Ogle Oodles of Tulle at This Exhibit on the History of Wedding Dresses

Over the last couple of centuries, wedding dresses have mutated, Godzilla-like, from a gown worn while saying vows to the centerpiece of a huge industry. If you're curious how that happened—and, more importantly, keen to gawk at some really luxe examples of the form—there's a new museum exhibit devoted to the topic. »4/30/14 1:20pm4/30/14 1:20pm