Watch Kate Bosworth Wax Rhapsodic About Her Wedding Dress

Vogue has published not one but two videos dedicated to Kate Bosworth finding her Oscar de La Renta wedding dress, despite the fact that there doesn't seem to be a spread on the event planned for the magazine and Bosworth sold the rights to her wedding photos to Martha Stewart Weddings for their winter issue. » 9/05/13 11:10am 9/05/13 11:10am

Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Find a Lacy Wedding Dress Knockoff

Welcome to Fashion Scavenger Hunt, a column to help you track down your favorite products — clothes, makeup, shoes, whatever — that have been discontinued or otherwise lost in the passage of time and quickie fashion trends. Email to submit your own "wanted" ads. » 8/06/13 6:30pm 8/06/13 6:30pm

It'll Take Months to Get a Bride Out of This Lego Wedding Dress

Japanese artist Rie Hosokai, of Daisy Balloon, created this amazing piece of high Lego fashion for Tokyo's "Piece of Peace" charity exhibit at the Parco Museum. Structurally it's simply stunning (albeit a bit Disney Princessy). The construction, contour and shape are based on Hosokai's balloon dress. As an item of… » 6/24/13 12:42pm 6/24/13 12:42pm

Twihards Supposedly Faking Engagements To Try On Bella's Wedding Dress

It is so easy to mock Twilight and its fans, what with the vampire who sparkles and doesn't actually bite anyone and the chick who loves the way he never gets charged for breaking and entering and lurking uninvited in her bedroom. But the franchise is still a juggernaut: Despite all of Disney's marketing and folks'… » 11/29/11 10:50am 11/29/11 10:50am

Store Refuses To Sell Wedding Dress To Lesbian Bride

Last week, a New Jersey bridal store manager refused to sell a dress to a customer when she found out she was a lesbian. The manager's reasoning is bigoted (obviously), and also extremely bizarre. » 8/18/11 2:25pm 8/18/11 2:25pm

Hello Kitty Wedding Gowns: For The Child(ish) Bride

Maybe you're Mariah Carey. Maybe you're a Japanophile. Or maybe you're just young at heart. Whatever your excuse, if you love Hello Kitty, you'll be interested to know you can totally get handmade wedding gowns inspired by » 10/28/08 4:30pm 10/28/08 4:30pm Sanrio's popular feline character, and they don't even have to be white! Let's take a look,…

Return Of The British Bridezillas

One great thing about weddings is that the whole insane event — huge dress, perfect hair and makeup, self-centered bride — is just one day. And then life reverts to being somewhat normal. But, thanks (or no thanks!) to Wedding Dress Balls, the gowns come out of the attic — in the name of charity. A few years ago,… » 10/22/07 6:00pm 10/22/07 6:00pm